JavaScript Library For 3D Touch and Pointer On Web | Pressure.js

Pressure is a JavaScript library for handling both Force Touch and 3D Touch on the web, bundled into a single library with a simple API that makes working with them painless.

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3D Carousel With Mouse And Touch Interactions

How to make use of it:

To get began, include the pressure.js JavaScript file within the doc.

<script src="pressure.js"></script>

Get again a change value on all components matching the selector.

Pressure.change('#el1', function(force, event){
  // "this" is the element(s) returned by the closure = (200 * force + 200) + 'px';
  this.innerHTML = force;

Get again a change value on ONLY components that assist Force Touch (New Mac’s).

Pressure.changeForceTouch('#el2', function(force, event){ = Math.max((200 * force), 200) + 'px';
  this.innerHTML = force;

Get again a change worth on ONLY components that assist 3D Touch.

Pressure.change('#el3', function(force, event){ = (200 * force + 200) + 'px';
  this.innerHTML = force;

This structure can be utilized in any strategy of Pressure. The failure block will return with an “error” and message displaying why the device doesn’t assist 3D Touch.

var block = {
  start: function(){

  change: function(force, event){ = ((200 * force) + 200) + 'px';
    this.innerHTML = force; = "rgb(" + parseInt(map(force, 0, 1, 255, 0)) + ",0," + parseInt(map(force, 0, 1, 0, 255)) +")"; = force > 0.4 ? 'white' : 'black';

  startDeepPress: function(event){
    // this is called on "force click" / "deep press", aka once the force is greater than 0.5
  endDeepPress: function(){
    // this is called when the "force click" / "deep press" end

  end: function(){ = '200px';
    this.innerHTML = 0; = 'red'; = 'black';

  unsupported: function(){
    this.innerHTML = 'Your device / browser does not support this :(';

Pressure.set('#el1', block);
Pressure.setForceTouch('#el2', block);
Pressure.set3DTouch('#el3', block);

function map(x, in_min, in_max, out_min, out_max) {
  return (x - in_min) * (out_max - out_min) / (in_max - in_min) + out_min;

JavaScript Library For 3D Touch Handling, Pressure js Plugin/Github

See Demo And Download

Official Website(stuyam): Click Here

This superior jQuery/javascript plugin is developed by stuyam. For extra Advanced Usages, please go to the official website.

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