Displaying a Customized Pop-Up or Alert In JavaScript | Pling.js


Pling.js is a light javascript library to display a custom popup or alert. It can be used as a JavaScript alert () function. This JavaScript library displays custom alert boxes or modal pop-ups on the page.

How to make use of it:

1. Download the zip and insert the JavaScript pling.js within the doc.

<script src="pling.js"></script>

2. Display a primary alert box on the web page.

Pling(" ");

3. Add a customized title to the alert box.

Pling(" ", "Title Here");

4. Append a customized CSS class to the alert box after which you may apply your individual styles.

Pling(" ", "Title Here", "customClass");
/**main container**/
.custom .box{
  background:#333 !important;
  color:#fff !important;

/**title of the alert**/
.custom .title {
  background:#64B5F6 ! important;
  color:#fff !important;

/**content of the alert**/
.custom .content {
  color:#fff !important;

/**ok button**/
.custom .btn {
  background:#333 !important;
  color:#fff !important;

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