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A Custom Element for an Analog Clock/Stopwatch Web Component

Analog Clock Element is a highly customizable stopwatch and clock element created with custom elements.

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How to make use of it:

1. Import the analog-clock-element.js into the doc.

<script src="analog-clock-element.js" defer></script>

2. Create an analog clock on the web page.

<analog-clock mode="clock"></analog-clock>

3. Create a stopwatch.

<analog-clock mode="stopwatch"></analog-clock>

4. Set the size of the stopwatch.

<analog-clock size="200"></analog-clock>

5. Specify the number of marks.

<analog-clock marks="4"></analog-clock>

6. Determine whether or not to show the hour numbers on the dial.

<analog-clock ticks="4"></analog-clock>

7. Customize the analog clock utilizing your individual CSS.

[marks="4"]::part(clock) {
  /* clock face */

[marks="4"]::part(tick) {
  /* or tick1 - tick12 */

[marks="4"]::part(marks) {
  /* marks */

[marks="4"]::part(hand-hour) {
  /* hour hand */

[marks="4"]::part(hand-minute) {
  /* minute hand */

[marks="4"]::part(hand-second) {
  /* second hand */

8. API strategies.

const instance = document.querySelector('.myClock');

// clock mode
instance.mode = 'clock' 

// stopwatch mode
instance.mode = 'stopwatch'

// start/stop the stopwatch

// reset the stopwatch

// get time elapsed in ms.


  • mode (string): stopwatch or clock.
  • size (number): Width and height in pixel.
  • marks (number): Number of markings on the edge of the clock for telling the time.
  • ticks (boolean): Whether to display the hour numbers on the dial.

Shadow Parts

  • ::part(tick): The numbers on the dial.
  • ::part(tick): The numbers on the dial.
  • ::part(tick1)::part(tick12): Each of the nubmers on the dial.
  • ::part(clock): The clock face.
  • ::part(marks): The markings on the edge of the clock.
  • ::part(hand-hour): The hour hand.
  • ::part(hand-minute): The minute hand.
  • ::part(hand-second): The second hand.


  • analogClock.mode = 'clock'/'stopwatch' switches mode between clock and stopwatch.
  • analogClock.toggleStopwatch() starts and stops the stop watch.
  • analogClock.resetStopwatch() resets stopwatch to 0.
  • analogClock.getTimeElapsed() get time elapsed in ms.

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See Demo And Download

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