A Carousel Component For Angular Using Material 2


material2-carousel package is a carousel component for Angular using Material Design.

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How to make use of it:


npm install --save @ngmodule/material-carousel


import { MatCarouselModule } from '@ngmodule/material-carousel';

  // ...
  imports: [
    // ...
    // ...
export class AppModule {}
import { MatCarousel, MatCarouselComponent } from '@ngmodule/material-carousel';


InputTypeDescriptionDefault value
timingsstringTimings for slide animation.'250ms ease-in'
autoplaybooleanEnable automatic sliding.true
intervalnumberAutoplay’s interval in milliseconds.5000
loopbooleanEnable loop through arrows.true
hideArrowsbooleanHide navigation arrows.false
hideIndicatorsbooleanHide navigation indicators.false
colorThemePaletteColor palette from Material.'accent'
maxWidthstringMaximum width.'auto'
maintainAspectRatiobooleanIf true, use proportion to determine height, else slideHeight is used.true
proportionnumberHeight proportion compared to width.25
slideHeightstringExplicit slide height. Used when maintainAspectRatio is false.'100%'
slidesnumberMaximum amount of displayed slides. 
useKeyboardbooleanEnable keyboard navigation.true
useMouseWheelbooleanEnable navigation through mouse wheeling.false
orientationOrientationOrientation of the sliding panel.'ltr'
svgIconOverridesSvgIconOverridesOverride default carousel icons with registered SVG icons.

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