Google/Office/PDF Document Viewer iFrame In Angular


Angular Document Viewer is a document viewer library that enables the visitor to view Google, Microsoft Office, and PDF files in your Angular application.

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Supported File Types:

  • .ppt
  • .pptx
  • .doc
  • .docx
  • .xls
  • .xlsx
  • .pdf
  • .TXT
  • .CSS
  • .HTML
  • .PHP
  • .C
  • .CPP
  • .H
  • .HPP
  • .JS
  • .AI
  • .PSD
  • .TIFF
  • .DXF
  • .SVG
  • .EPS
  • .PS
  • .TTF
  • .XPS
  • .ZIP
  • .RAR

How to make use of it:


  // Your web app's Firebase configuration
  var firebaseConfig = {
    apiKey: "AIzaSyB0hOFFK4FvvVF6a0zAcjZP7nNftfCiCTQ",
    authDomain: "",
    databaseURL: "",
    projectId: "angular-doc-viewer",
    storageBucket: "",
    messagingSenderId: "902089077961",
    appId: "1:902089077961:web:012f06c5caf610d9ee4918",
    measurementId: "G-52BNS6YSJ3"
  // Initialize Firebase

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See Demo And Download

Official Website(Marcelh1983): Click Here

This superior jQuery/javascript plugin is developed by Marcelh1983. For extra Advanced usage, please go to the official website.