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Angular Material Components Created From The Community

MatColorPicker is a feature-rich color picker based on Angular Material. All components are built using Angular, Material 2, and CDK. Since version 7.1.0 only Angular 9+ is supported.

The color picker component has an additional peer dependency to @thebespokepixel/es-tinycolor to help with color calculations.


  • Color Picker
  • Timer Picker
  • Speed Dial
  • Scrollspy

How to make use of it:


npm install --save @angular/animations

1. @angular/animations use the WebAnimation API which not all browsers support yet.

import {BrowserAnimationsModule} from '@angular/platform-browser/animations';

  imports: [BrowserAnimationsModule],
export class PizzaPartyAppModule { }

2. If you don’t want to add another dependency to your project, you can use NoopAnimationsModule.

import {NoopAnimationsModule} from '@angular/platform-browser/animations';

  imports: [NoopAnimationsModule],
export class PizzaPartyAppModule { }


All the components have the prefix mcc followed by the package name.

Color Pickermcc-color-picker 
Speed Dialmcc-speed-dial 
Timer Pickermcc-timer-picker

color picker for angular material, material-community-components Plugin/Github

See Demo And Download

Official Website(tiaguinho): Click Here

This superior jQuery/javascript plugin is developed by tiaguinho. For extra advanced usage, please go to the official website.

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