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Library For Playing Audio With HTML 5 Angular 7/8/9/10

ngx audio player is a simple, clean, and responsive player to play multiple audios with playlist support. This library is for audio loading and playing with HTML 5 for Angular 7/8/9/10/11.

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How to make use of it:


Using npm:
$ npm install ngx-audio-player --save

Using yarn:
$ yarn add ngx-audio-player

Import NgxAudioPlayerModule in the root module(AppModule):

// Import library module
import { NgxAudioPlayerModule } from 'ngx-audio-player';

  imports: [
    // ...
export class AppModule { }


="msaapPlaylist" [displayTitle]="msaapDisplayTitle" [autoPlay]="false" 
    muted="muted" [displayPlaylist]="msaapDisplayPlayList" [pageSizeOptions]="pageSizeOptions" (trackEnded)="onEnded($event)"
        [displayVolumeControls]="msaapDisplayVolumeControls" [displayRepeatControls]="msaapDisplayRepeatControls"
        [disablePositionSlider]="msaapDisablePositionSlider" [displayArtist]="msaapDisplayArtist" 
        [displayDuration]="msaapDisplayDuration" [expanded]="true"></ngx-audio-player> 
import { Track } from 'ngx-audio-player';   

msaapDisplayTitle = true;
msaapDisplayPlayList = true;
msaapPageSizeOptions = [2,4,6];
msaapDisplayVolumeControls = true;
msaapDisplayRepeatControls = true;
msaapDisplayArtist = false;
msaapDisplayDuration = false;
msaapDisablePositionSlider = true;
// Material Style Advance Audio Player Playlist
msaapPlaylist: Track[] = [
    title: 'Audio One Title',
    link: 'Link to Audio One URL',
    artist: 'Audio One Artist',
    duration: 'Audio One Duration in seconds'
    title: 'Audio Two Title',
    link: 'Link to Audio Two URL',
    artist: 'Audio Two Artist',
    duration: 'Audio Two Duration in seconds'
    title: 'Audio Three Title',
    link: 'Link to Audio Three URL',
    artist: 'Audio Three Artist',
    duration: 'Audio Three Duration in seconds'


NameDescriptionTypeDefault Value
@Input() playlist: Track[];playlist containing array of title and linkmandatoryNone
@Input() autoPlay: false;true – if the audio needs to be played automaticllyoptionalfalse
@Input() displayTitle: true;false – if the audio title needs to be hiddenoptionaltrue
@Input() displayPlaylist: true;false – if the playlist needs to be hiddenoptionaltrue
@Input() pageSizeOptions = [10, 20, 30];number of items to be displayed in the playlistoptional[10,20,30]
@Input() expanded = true;false – if the playlist needs to be minimizedoptionaltrue
@Input() displayVolumeControls = true;false – if the volume controls needs to be hiddenoptionaltrue
@Input() displayRepeatControls = true;false – if the repeat controls needs to be hiddenoptionaltrue
@Input() displayArtist = false;true – if the artist data is to be shownoptionalfalse
@Input() displayDuration = false;true – if the track duration is to be shownoptionalfalse
@Output() trackEnded: SubjectCallback method that triggers once the track endsoptional– N.A –
@Input() startOffset = 0;offset from start of audio file in secondsoptional0
@Input() endOffset = 0;offset from end of audio file in secondsoptional0
@Input() disablePositionSlider = false;true – if the position slider needs to be disabledoptionalfalse

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See Demo And Download

Official Website(vmudigal): Click Here

This superior jQuery/javascript plugin is developed by vmudigal. For extra advanced usage, please go to the official website.

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