Pure Angular Colorpicker Component Library | ngx-color-picker

ngx-color-picker is a component of the Pure Angular color picker library for Angular 5+ applications.


  • It is an angular color picker
  • Compatible with Angular 5+ versions
  • No external dependency
  • easy to configure
  • easy to use

Tested with

  • Firefox (newer)
  • Chrome (latest)
  • Chromium (latest)
  • Edge
  • IE11

How to make use of it:

Installation / Getting Started

npm install @iplab/ngx-color-picker --save

Use the following snippet inside your app module:

import { ColorPickerModule } from '@iplab/ngx-color-picker';
import { BrowserAnimationsModule } from '@angular/platform-browser/animations';

    imports: [
        BrowserAnimationsModule // or use NoopAnimationsModule
    bootstrap: [AppComponent]
export class AppModule {}

Use the following snippet inside your template:

<chrome-picker [(color)]="#fff"></chrome-picker>
ColorPickerControl methods
setValueFromFunctionSet value from Color, Rgba, Hsla, Hsva or ColorString
valueGetter.valueget value as a Color object
resetFunctionreset value to initial state
valueChangesObservableUsed to observe component value changes
isAlphaChannelEnabledFunctionreturn is alpha changel enabled
showAlphaChannelFunctionshow alpha channel
hideAlphaChannelFunctionhide alpha channel
alphaChannelVisibilityChangesBehaviorSubjectUsed to observe alpha channel changes
setColorPresetsFunctiondefine color preset list
presetsGetter.presetsget color presets
hasPresetsFunctionreturn status of predefined color presets
showPresetsFunctionshow predefined color presets
hidePresetsFunctionhide predefined color presets
presetsVisibilityChangesBehaviorSubjectUsed to observe color preset visibility
Color methods
Color.fromstatic methodcreate a new Color object from Color, Rgba, Hsla, Hsva or ColorString
cloneFunctioncreate a new Color object
setFromStringFunctionchange the value by providing the string
setHsvaFunctionchange the value by providing HSV values
setRgbaFunctionchange the value by providing RGB values
setHslaFunctionchange the value by providing HSL values
toHexStringFunctionconvert Color object to hex string
toRgbStringFunctionconvert Color object to rgb string
toRgbaStringFunctionconvert Color object to rgba string
toHslStringFunctionconvert Color object to hsl string
toHslaStringFunctionconvert Color object to hsla string
toHsvStringFunctionconvert Color object to hsv string
toHsvaStringFunctionconvert Color object to hsva string
toCmykStringFunctionconvert Color object to cmyk string
getHsvaFunctionreturn Hsva object
getRgbaFunctionreturn Rgba object
getHslaFunctionreturn Hsla object
getCmykFunctionreturn Cmyk object

Configurable Color Picker, ngx-color-picker Plugin/Github, jquery color picker example

See Demo And Download

Official Website(pIvan): Click Here

This superior jQuery/javascript plugin is developed by pIvan. For extra Advanced Usage, please go to the official website.