Angular Directives For Face Detection And Face Recognition In The Browser


NgxFaceApiJs Angular directives for face detection and face recognition in the browser. It’s a wrapper for face-api.js, so it’s not dependent on the browser’s implementation.

Make facial and emotion recognition easy to use in Angular projects by using face APIs.

  • Recognize faces, emotions, etc. in an Angular project.
  • It works on a mobile phone.
  • No script/styles are needed, you must include an attribute to the img/video tag.
  • Schematics Support, you can quickly set up a project with the ng add and ng update commands.

How to make use of it:


$ ng add ngx-face-api-js


<img allFaces [src]="imageSrc" width="300px" />
  [with]="['expressions', 'landmarks']"

Face Recognition In Angular, NgxFaceApiJs Plugin/Github

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