Easy Setup And Management Of Keyboard Shortcuts In An Angular

Keyboard Shortcuts using simple directives ngx keyboard shortcuts allows you to create and execute custom keybinding events in your angular applications.

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npm start Run the demo environment

npm test Run tests

npm run lint Run linter

npm run build Build the package

Keyboard Shortcuts Interface for Your Website Using Static HTML, Vanilla JS, Vue, and React

How to make use of it:

1. Install the package.

$ npm install ngx-keyboard-shortcuts --save

2. Import the module.

import { NgxKeyboardShortcutModule } from 'ngx-keyboard-shortcuts';

imports: [NgxKeyboardShortcutModule.forRoot()]
export class AppModule {}

3. Example of creating a shortcut (Ctrl + s).

<button [keyboardShortcut]="keyboardShortcutDef" (click)="example()">
  Click Me
keyboardShortcutDef: IKeyboardShortcutListenerOptions = {
  description: 'example',
  keyBinding: [KeyboardKeys.Ctrl, KeyboardKeys.Shift, 'i']

Multiple Keystroke Detection to Add Shortcuts to Your App | CtrlTab.js

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See Demo And Download

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