A Minimal, Super Lightweight Javascript Animation Library | Animol

Animol is a small and extremely lightweight (3KB minified and compressed gzip) animation library, with no dependencies, and an animation javascript library. Animol is designed to be extremely lightweight, easy to use, and effective. It summarizes the recursive logic of calling requestAnimationFrame, facilitating, and parsing CSS strings.

It’s perfect for small projects where you want to do some JavaScript animation without reinventing the wheel, and you don’t want to import a large library. For advanced use cases involving timelines, SVG, etc., see Greensock or Anime.js.

All available easing functions.

  • linear
  • easeInQuad
  • easeOutQuad
  • easeInOutQuad
  • easeInCubic
  • easeOutCubic
  • easeInOutCubic
  • easeInQuart
  • easeOutQuart
  • easeInOutQuart
  • easeInQuint
  • easeOutQuint
  • easeInOutQuint
  • easeInElastic
  • easeOutElastic
  • easeInOutElastic
  • easeInBack
  • easeOutBack
  • easeInOutBack
  • easeInBounce
  • easeOutBounce
  • easeInOutBounce

How to make use of it:

Install and import the Animol library.

npm install animol --save
import * as animol from 'animol';

Or immediately load the Animol library from dist listing.

<script src="dist/animol.min.js"></script>

Animate a component by switching between two CSS objects.

const myElement = document.getElementById('myElement');


  // DOM element

  // duration in ms

  // from
  { // CSS rules here }

  // to
  { // CSS rules here' },

  // with or without easing functions

  // delay in mis

Animate attributes of a DOM component.

  (progress) => {
    myElement.setAttribute('stroke-dashoffset', `${1000 - (progress * 1000)}`)

Performant Animation Library, animol Plugin/Github

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