Top JavaScript Plugins for Better Date and Time Picker Widgets (Update 2023)


Simple CountDown Clock jQuery Plugin with Custom Timezone

jQuery timezone countdown clock countdown plugin that allows you to count all the way to the target date time with ...
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Angular 6 Date Range Picker Inspired By PayPal’s On Website

Angular DateRangePicker is a date range picker largely inspired by the PayPal data picker as seen on the website. Must ...
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Simple Javascript Calendar With Glassmorphism User Interface

Calendar is a simple JavaScript calendar with a glass user interface. Calendar element inspired by Glassmorphism design based on dyCalendarJS ...
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Versatile Date and Time Picker Calendar for Bulma

Bulma extension for calendar display can be used on a page as a large calendar with appointments or as a ...
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Formats Dates as the Shortest String Equivalent to ISO 8601 UTC | isoformat

isoformat gives a date and returns the shortest ISO 8601 UTC equivalent string. iso format is a date format JavaScript ...
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A Vue Plugin To Select Jalali Date And Time | persian-datetime-picker

Persian vue date and time picker is a Persian material design date and time picker for Vue.js that enables your ...
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Create a Horizontal Timeline Using jQuery plugin | timeline.js

jQuery Timeline, you can easily create two types of horizontal timelines with this plugin. Timeline.js helps you display horizontal timelines, ...
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[ES6] Simple Pure JavaScript Calendar | rolyart-calendar

rolyart-calendar is a Simple Pure JS calendar library (ES6) for showing a basic, clean, built-in, multi-language calendar component on the ...
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Wheel Style DateTime Picker Component Vue Library | Drumroll

Vue drumroll datetime picker is an iOS-inspired wheel component for Vue.js' date and time picker. Roller selectable date picker by ...
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Simple jQuery Relative Time Countdown Plugin | text-countdown.js

text-countdown.js is a simple jQuery relative countdown plugin that outputs the remaining time in a readable format and starts selling ...
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