Top JavaScript and JQuery File Upload Libraries In 2023

A Simple Lightweight Drag and Drop File Upload jQuery Plugin | file-dropzone

File Upload Drag and Drop - A simple lightweight Dropzone file component based on jQuery. You can easily convert any ...
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Drag and Drop File Upload Plugin for Bootstrap 4 | bs-dropzone.js

bs-dropzone.js is an extension for jQueryand Bootstrap that allows you to visually convert files <input type="file">into element into an element ...
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HTML 5 File Input Optimized for Bootstrap 4.x./3.x with File Preview | Bootstrap Fileinput

bootstrap-fileinput is an improved HTML 5 file input  Bootstrap 5.x, 4.x and 3.x with file preview for different files, provides ...
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[Upload Anything] Elegant Multiple File Uploading With JavaScript | filepond

Multiple File Upload - A JavaScript library that can load anything you throw at it, optimize images for faster loading ...
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A Simple File Upload That Shows A Preview of the Uploaded Image

File upload with preview aims to address the issue of showing a preview of the uploaded user photo in an ...
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Responsive Vue.js File Downloader & File Viewer with Image Compressor | handy-uploader

Handy uploader is a simple but feature-rich file uploader with an image compressor for the Vue.js component. Features: Choice Theme: ...
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Pure Javascript File Tree Filter From JSON Input | js-directory-tree

js-directory-tree is a pure JavaScript implementation of a folder/directory tree control that allows the filtering of child nodes on the ...
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Angular Image Upload & Crop Javascript | ngx-img

ngx-img is a highly customizable image cropping and image loading component for Angular 5+ applications. How to make use of ...
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Creates Bootstrap-Styled Form Controls for File Uploads | BS4 Fileselect

Bootstrap Fileselect is a jQuery plugin that creates bootstrap-style form controls for uploading files, also known as file selections or ...
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Angular 2+ Drag and Drop File Uploader | ngx-uploader

ngx-uploader is a drag-and-drop file uploader for the Angular 2+ app. Must Read: Convert An HTML File Input Type Into ...
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