Best Free Accordion Library In 2023

Accessible Bootstrap 4 Accordion With jQuery Plugin

Accessible Bootstrap 4, an easy-to-use accordion component for BS4 makes it easy to navigate accordion panels. It includes features intended ...
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A Responsive, Touch-Enabled jQuery Grid Accordion Component

Grid Accordion jQuery plugin is a responsive, touch-enabled jQuery grid accordion plugin that combines grid and accordion functionality. Use it ...
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Responsive Pure CSS Only Accordion & Tabs Component

Responsive pure CSS accordion tabs and tabs will automatically convert to a vertical accordion interface on mobile devices. Must Read: ...
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Highly Customizable Foldable Component for Vue.js

vue-foldable is a highly customizable foldable component of Vue.js. Features Customize the user interface based on the openings. Support high ...
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Collapsible Panel / Accordion Component Using Vue3

Vue Collapsible Panel is an easy-to-use, customizable collapsible/foldable panel/accordion library created with Vue3. Import VueCollapsiblePanelGroup and VueCollapsiblePanel components, either globally (on your main.js ...
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Collapsible Menu Plugin with Vanilla-JS | MetisMenu

MetisMenu - Collapsible menu plugin with Vanilla-JS helps you create responsive, animated, and accessible navigation and accordion/dropdown menu on the ...
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Bootstrap 5 To Create Vertical And Nested Collapsible Tree Menu Plugin

bs5 nav tree is a Bootstrap 5 extension that converts nested HTML lists into a searchable and collapsible/expandable tree. Must ...
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A Basic, no-frills FAQ Accordion Built With jQuery

Ask is a basic, no-frills FAQ built with jquery. The question is the basic FAQ, no-frills. This is a small ...
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A Simple Vertical Accordion Menu Using jQuery

Accordion_menu is a simple jquery markup menu that helps you create a vertical accordion menu with smooth expanding and folding ...
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Carousel Image Slider with Accordion Style Transitions jQuery

Image Slider JQuery project contains a scroll bar that automatically changes and can also do manually. Slider slides automatically if ...
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