Best Free Dropdown Select Plugins In JavaScript In 2023

A jQuery Single/Multi-Select Plugin | sumoselect

jquery.sumoselect is a jQuery plugin that incrementally improves the HTML select box in a dropdown for single/multiple options. The dropdown ...
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Optimized for Bootstrap 5 Dropdown Select Box | dselect

dselect is a JavaScript library that adds advanced features (such as direct search, dynamic generation, and field validation) to native ...
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Bootstrap 4 Dropdown Plugin with jQuery | Bootstrap-Select

Bootstrap-select is a jQuery plugin that uses the Bootstrap.js dropdown menu to design and offer add-ons to standard selection elements ...
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A JavaScript Dropdown Menu Plugin with Virtual Scrolling

Virtual Select is to replace the high-performance material design style checkbox that supports single/multiple selections, virtual scrolling, live search, and ...
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Multiple Select Dropdowns With Filter jQuery Plugin

Filter jQuery multi-selection plugin that turns a regular checkbox into an easy-to-use, filterable multiple-selection drop-down list where users can select ...
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How Do I Create Custom Single/Multi Select Options in JavaScript | vanillaSelectBox

Multiselect Dropdown is a vanilla JavaScript library that turns a regular selection item into a customizable, searchable and validates drop-down ...
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Simple Multi-Select Dropdown Pure Vanilla Javascript | multiSelect.js

MultiSelect.js is a simple, clean, and progressive JavaScript library designed for easy integration with any type of project or system ...
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Multi-Level Dropdown Works With Bootstrap 5

Bootstrap 5 Multi-Level Dropdown, using the official HTML without adding additional CSS styles and classes, it's just like the original ...
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Animated Dropdown Menu With jQuery/Javascript | IA-DROPDOWN

IA-DROPDOWN is a javascript library, powered by jquery, for creating interactive, animated dropdowns. An animated and highly customizable jQuery menu ...
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Filterable Multiselect Dropdown in Pure JavaScript

Multiple Select Dropdown is Pure JavaScript, No Dependencies, Dropdown List with Multi-Select Capability. It converts the original selection box into ...
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