Simple Material Upload Module For Angular | Ngx-upload

Ngx-upload is an angular framework module that supports drag and drop, upload progress, and managing file upload queues for you. Ngx-upload links to anyone’s presentation framework, but…


Multi-select Dropdown Component for Angular | ngx-typeahead

ngx-typeahead is a multi-select dropdown component for angular printing. Type-ahead (observable) uses a set of elements to suggest a value to use based on the current value…


Create Awesome Product Feedback Survey | SurveyJS Library

Survey JS is a powerful, customizable, multi-platform JavaScript library for Survey / Feedback / Survey / Quiz designed for jQuery, Angular, React, VueJS, Knockout, etc. Main options:…


An Image Color Picker Component Built-in Angular

An image color picker is a simple component to choose a specific color from the image. Use image-color-picker to specify a color and get the HTML color…


Create Dynamic Accordion Giving JSON Data Using Angular

A dynamic accordion component can create a dynamic accordion using JSON data provided by the user. We can use the accordion component, which is a reusable component….


Angular Resizable And Draggable Modal Component | ng-modal

Simple configurable resizable and draggable component for ng Angular 5+. Must Read: Smooth Touch-Enabled Selectable JavaScript Library | selectable.js plugin Angular Resizable Draggable Modal Component Post Name…