Simple and Lightweight LazyLoad Embed Vimeo Player Plugin in Pure JavaScript

LazyLoad Embed Vimeo Player – Simple and Lightweight Plugin – Pure JavaScript. Vimeo LazyLoad is the sister project of Youtube LazyLoad that loads an on-demand Vimeo video…


[Browser Mockup] Detect iFrame Embedding in Javascript | mockframe.js

MockFrame(mockframe.js) is a JavaScript plugin that designs the <iframe> elements in your web page like a browser mockup. How to make use of it: 1. Download the…


jQuery Plugin For Height and Width Resizing Of The iFrame To Content Size

iFrame Resizer library enables automatic resizing of the height and width of both the iFrame itself and across the field to fit their inline content. It provides…


GDPR Friendly iFrame Manager In Vanilla JS | iframemanager

IframeMananger is a lightweight JavaScript plug-in that helps you to comply with GDPR by completely removing iframes at first and setting a notice related to that service….


Responsive No-jQuery Pure JS / CSS Lightbox for iframes

iframe lightbox Responsive no-jQuery Pure JS / CSS Lightbox for iframes, no dependencies, customizable aspect ratio, 5 KB non-minimized source code, with the demo. Iframe-Lightbox is a…


Lazy Javascript Loader for Images and Iframes | AyLazyLoader

AyLazyLoader is a lazy JavaScript loader plugin for lazy loading images and iframes based on IntersectionObserver. Automatically detects lazy items from Ajax orders. Supports srcset properties and…