Multi-Purpose Alert, Prompt, Confirm Dialog Alternative | jQuery.alert.js

Multipurpose alert, plug-in confirmation, an alternative to the original alert () and confirm () function. This plug-in is a more beautifully displayed browser system notification window on…


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Simple CSS Lightbox is a┬áresponsive image gallery lightbox the place the user is ready to navigate between full-sized photos in a fullscreen lightbox popup. Upload cssbox.css to…


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Touch-Friendly Image Lightbox for Mobile/Desktop with jQuery | simplelightbox

Simple Lightbox plugin is a responsive, touch-friendly, easy-to-touch image display for mobile and desktop with jQuery. Features: swipe gestures for the next/previous image easy to install, easy…


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A Simple, Responsive Lightbox for Angular Component

Lightbox for Angular is a simple and responsive gallery rendering plugin created for Angular 7+ applications. How to make use of it: Installation npm i @crystalui/angular-lightbox 1….