Jquery Based Plugin to Help Viewing and Playing Youtube Videos

play youtube video on image click, is a javascript/jquery plugin that can be easily integrated into your web application. The main purpose of this plugin is to…


Loading Animation Created With Pure CSS

CSS Loading Animation is a set of pretty cool loading animations that can be used as loading spinners when loading content into a document. Must Read: A Simple Infinite Image Carousel Using…


Simple And Easy To Use Tool To Detect Website Loading Progress | Siteloader

SiteLoader is a simple and easy-to-use website loading progress detection tool that can help you quickly achieve a real page loading effect. [一个简单易用的网站加载进度检测小工具,可以帮助您快速实现页面的真实加载效果] It monitors photo, video,…


Load Spinner On Submit Button While Submitting Form | SpinOnSubmitJS

SpinOnSubmitJS is a lightweight JavaScript library that provides an easy way to add a spinner to a submit button when performing asynchronous actions, such as form submissions….


Easily Add Skeleton Loader to Angular7 | Ngx-Skltn

Ngx-Skltn is an Angular component that easily adds a skeleton loader to your Angular 7+ application. Features Flexible SVG structure depends on the size and position of…


Responsive Grid Fade and Intersection Observer Lazyload

Grid Fade and Intersection Observer Lazyload is a responsive fading image grid that uses the Intersection Observer system to lazy load images as they are passed into…