A Lightweight 3D Globe With Dotted World Map Using WebGL | COBE

COBE is a lightweight (5 KB) WebGL Globe. The name “COBE” stands for Cosmic Background Explorer. Cobe is a WebGL library for creating a customizable, animated, 3D…


A Simple Lightweight Mapbox GL JS Component For Vue.js

Mapbox GL JS Vue.js is a simple and lightweight (9KB/3KB compressed) Map box GL JS Vue component. How to make use of it: Install and download: #…


Simple Location Picker on Leaflet Map In jQuery

Leaflet location picker is an easy-to-use, fully configurable location picker that gets the coordinates (longitude and latitude) of any location when you click on the post map….


Vue.js Components For Display An Interactive SVG Map

vue-svg-map is a set of Vue.js components for displaying interactive SVG maps as checkboxes, radio buttons, links, or tooltips. interactive svg map javascript, interactive svg examples, interactive…


HTML Image Maps Plugin With jQuery | ImageMapster

ImageMapster activates regions in HTML images so that you can highlight and select them. It contains lots of other features for manual control, tooltips, resizing, and more….


A Lightweight JavaScript Library For Creating Interactive Vector Maps | Jsvectormap

jsVectorMap is a lightweight JavaScript library for creating interactive maps and supports all modern browsers and IE9 +. A regular JS library to display an interactive, dynamic,…