A Lightweight 3D Globe With Dotted World Map Using WebGL | COBE

COBE is a lightweight (5 KB) WebGL Globe. The name “COBE” stands for Cosmic Background Explorer. Cobe is a WebGL library for creating a customizable, animated, 3D…


Create A Leaflet Map And Add Multiple Interactive Layers | am_map.js

am_map.js is a jQuery plugin for quickly creating a flyer map and adding multiple interactive layers of nodes (using LatLong or UTM (x, y) links). This jQuery…


jQuery To Parse Address/Vcard Text Into Google Maps | vcard-to-gmaps

Address vCards to Google Maps with Jquery to parse vcard/address text in Google Maps. No long search. There are no unique js files for each map instance….


A JavaScript library that allows you to Create an Easily Interactive World Map | svgMap

svgMap is a JavaScript library that allows you to create an SVG-supported interactive world map on the web page, with support for an info window that can…

Handle-Timezones Spacetime

Lightweight Handle Timezone In JavaScript Library | spacetime

Handle Timezones¬†– Space-time is a lightweight way to manipulate, traverse, compare, and coordinate dates and times across the planet. Features: Get/set dates and times in remote time…


HTML Image Maps Plugin With jQuery | ImageMapster

ImageMapster activates regions in HTML images so that you can highlight and select them. It contains lots of other features for manual control, tooltips, resizing, and more….