Morphing Material Design Floating Action Button With Modal

Floating Action Button with Modal is a Google Material Design-inspired floating button that uses jQuery and CSS3 to transform into a responsive and focused popup when clicked….


Modal Window Based On jQuery and GSAP With Motion Blur Effect

Motion Blur Experiment is an elegant animated stylistic window with an SVG filter-based motion blur effect, built with the jQuery JavaScript library, CSS3, SVG, and GSAP (TweenMax.js)….


Simple and Easy Bootstrap 4 Confirm Popup Dialog | BootConfirm.js

BootstrapconfirmPupup is a small and simple use component for use that creates a certainly-based confirmation on the Bootstrap to confirm the user actions gracefully such as sending…


Simple and Responsive Modal Window Triggered By Links Or Forms | SI-Modal

SI Modal lets open any page or submit any form to a responsive modal window. This Modal is a tiny jQuery plugin to create a responsive, iframe-based…


A Modal Dialog Bootstrap Cookie Banner Consent Settings and Framework

bootstrap-cookie-consent-settings is a modal dialog (cookie banner) and framework for handling German and EU laws about cookies on a website. The plugin uses the Bootstrap framework to…


Easy Create a Modal Window With JavaScript and jQuery

Modal with JavaScript and jQuery – The animation itself was easy because it was a simple attachment and class separation. An easy-to-use static modal window component that…