A Lightweight, Touchable, and Responsive Angular Universal Carousel Library

ngxCarousel is a lightweight, tactile, and responsive library for creating an angular carousel. No dependencies, no more hammer. Must Read: Angular Responsive Image Slider With Lightbox Popup…


Responsive Accordion UI Design using HTML CSS and JavaScript

Responsive Accordion is a responsive and beautiful-looking accordion user interface with smooth transitions. Designed with HTML, CSS (SCSS), and a bit of JavaScript. Stunning accordion user interface…


An Amazing Lightweight WYSIWYG JavaScript Editor | Trumbowyg.js

Trumbowyg is a simple and lightweight WYSIWYG editor, weighing only 20 KB minified (8 KB gzip) for faster page loading. The jQuery-based HTML5 WYSIWYG Rich Text Editor…


Neumorphism UI Style Built with Bootstrap CSS Framework

Neumorphism UI Start developing modern web pages and applications that take advantage of a modern design trend. Features over 200 individual components and 5-page examples. Neumorphic components…


A Responsive jQuery Dropdown Navigation Menu

The jquery menu is a fully responsive, mobile-friendly, multi-level dropdown menu is written in JavaScript (jQuery) and CSS / CSS3. Features: It allows you to add menu…


Free and Beautiful Vue 3 Admin Template | vuestic-admin

vuestic-admin is a free and beautiful Vue.js admin template with 44+ custom UI components. Developed by Epicmax. Designed by Vasily Savitsky based on the Vuestic UI library….