Star Rating Plugin Control Based On Radio Buttons

Star Rating Radio Buttons, the star rating plugin is a plugin for the jQuery Javascript library that creates a non-intrusive star rating control based on a set…


Select Box Based Star Rating JavaScript Library | star-rating.js

star-rating.js is a small JavaScript library to create a customizable and gradually improved star rating control from a regular tick box with numeric values. The ES6 module…


Star Rating Control Based On Radio Inputs With Pure CSS

StarRating-Pure-CSS is a simple, plain, CSS-only 5-star control built with radio buttons and the Unicode “Star” character. radio button rating system, star rating radio buttons css, radio…


Generate SVG Based Custom Rating System For jQuery Plugin

jRate jQuery SVG-based rating plugin helps create an SVG-based RATING with various cool features. Download this plugin and include it in your HTML file. jquery star rating…


⭐ A Simple Highly Customizable Star Rating Component For Vue

A simple and highly customizable star rating component for Vue 2x / 3x. Do you need more stars? Check out vue-rate-it with hundreds of different reviewers built-in….


Material Design CSS Only Animated Rating Bar Library

Rating bar is an animated rate bar that supports half-star ratings, created with radio buttons and CSS/CSS3. custom rating bar in github, custom rating bar size, rating…