Dependent/Cascading Select List with jQuery Plugin | Chained Selects

JQuery plug-in to display populated sequential selections from hierarchical JSON data. Chained Selects is a jQuery plugin for creating dependent dropdown lists from JSON data that dynamically populate a set of selected items based on a previous selection.

Notes on use

  • It will not allow you to specify a parent, only the values where the key is numeric (in the sample only 1 (AA), 2 (AB), and 3 (BBB) can be specified).
  • It will bind to the form surrounding the specified target, and before submitting the form, put a dummy option with the specified value of the specified target.

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How to make use of it:


  <select id="sample-select"></select>
<script type="text/javascript">
var chainedData = {
    "A": {
        1: "AA",
        2: "AB"
    "B": {
        "BB": {
            3: "BBB"

$(document).ready(function () {
        data: chainedData,
        loggingEnabled: true

Full options

    placeholder: "", // placeholder text, can be left empty, default value is "", if the placeholder is empty, no empty option will be created
    selectCssClass: "my-select-extra-css-class", // extra css class to add on used/generated html select elements, defaults to `false`
    data: dataVariable, // data, can be function which returns data structure, or plain variable, defaults to `{}`
    maxLevels: 10, // to avoid browser hangs, by default is limited to 10 levels of hierarchy, you can raise this if you need to
    loggingEnabled: false, // enables internal logging, might be useful for debugging, defaults to `false`
    selectedKey: 3, // will pre-select options by option value, accepts numeric or string (string for selecting either category, number for the final option), default to `false`
    // IMPORTANT: selectedKey option will override defaultPath option
    defaultPath: ["B", "BB"], // will pre-select options by path, defaults to `false`
    sortByValue: false, // sort options by text value, defaults to `false`
    // IMPORTANT: if provided callback function fails, it will not report caught error if the `loggingEnabled` is not `true`
    onSelectedCallback: function(id){}, // will call user defined function with id of currently selected, or empty string if non-final option was chosen, defaults to `false`
    autoSelectSingleOptions: true, // will automatically select single options at any level (recursively), forcing user to make a choice only when there is choice to make, defaults to `false`

API Methods

// Set logging enabled (true or false, in case of invalid argument, defaults to true)
// Change current selected key (integer or string, for either specific choice or category)


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This superior jQuery/javascript plugin is developed by smarek. For extra Advanced Usage, please go to the official website.