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A Vue Component For Dropping Confetti Animation Effect

Confetti is a Vue component of the confetti falling animation drop in pure JavaScript.

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How to make use of it:

Install and download:

$ npm install vue-confetti --save

Import the component.

import Vue from 'vue'
import VueConfetti from 'vue-confetti'

Use this component.

    <button @click="start">Start</button>
    <button @click="stop">Stop</button>

export default {
  methods: {
    start () {

    stop () {
particlesArrayThe settings for each particle type (see below).10
defaultTypeStringThe default particle type.‘circle’
defaultSizeNumberThe default size of all particles (should be a positive number).10
defaultDropRateNumberThe default speed at which the particles fall.10
defaultColorsArrayThe default particle colors.[‘DodgerBlue’, ‘OliveDrab’, ‘Gold’, ‘pink’, ‘SlateBlue’, ‘lightblue’, ‘Violet’, ‘PaleGreen’, ‘SteelBlue’, ‘SandyBrown’, ‘Chocolate’, ‘Crimson’]
canvasIdStringThe ID for a custom canvas element (the default is to append a canvas to the <body> element).null
canvasElementHTMLCanvasElementA custom canvas element (the default is to append a canvas to the <body> element).null
particlesPerFrameNumberThe number of particles to drop per animation frame.2
windSpeedMaxNumberThe maximum wind speed (disabling the wind by setting to 0 can be useful for slower drop rates).1

The following options can be passed to each item in particles:

typeStringThe type of particle ('circle''rect''heart' or 'image').‘circle’
sizeNumberThe size of the particles (should be a positive number).10
dropRateNumberThe speed at which the particles fall.10
colorsArrayThe particle colors.[‘DodgerBlue’, ‘OliveDrab’, ‘Gold’, ‘pink’, ‘SlateBlue’, ‘lightblue’, ‘Violet’, ‘PaleGreen’, ‘SteelBlue’, ‘SandyBrown’, ‘Chocolate’, ‘Crimson’]
urlStringThe path to a custom image or SVG to use as the particle. Note that type must be set to image.null

Confetti Animation Effect, vue-confetti Plugin/Github

See Demo And Download

Official Website(alexandermendes): Click Here

This superior jQuery/javascript plugin is developed by alexandermendes. For extra advanced usage, please go to the official website.

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