[60+] A Set of Lightweight CSS3 Animations Library | Annimay.css

Annimay is a collection of lightweight, pure CSS3 animations that can be applied to links, sections, buttons, and more. Available in CSS and SCSS and compatible with all browsers except Internet Explorer.

This project consists of a wide range of simple CSS animations, currently, Annnimay has 52 animations and 12 infinite animations.

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How to make use of it:

1. Import the annimay.css library.

<link rel="stylesheet" href="./css/annimay.css" />

2. Add animation styles to the target element.

<!-- Hover Animations -->
<button class="ann-scale-up">Scale Up</button>
<button class="ann-scale-up-stay">Scale Up Stay</button>
<button class="ann-scale-down">Scale Down</button>
<button class="ann-scale-down-stay">Scale Down Stay</button>
<button class="ann-skew-forward-up">Skew Forward Up</button>
<button class="ann-skew-forward-down">Skew Forward Down</button>
<button class="ann-skew-backward-up">Skew Backward Up</button>
<button class="ann-skew-backward-down">Skew Backward Down</button>
<button class="ann-backward">Backward</button>
<button class="ann-forward">Forward</button>
<button class="ann-opacity">Opacity</button>
<button class="ann-small-opacity">Small Opacity</button>
<button class="ann-lift-clockwise">Lift Clockwise</button>
<button class="ann-lift-anticlockwise">Lift Anticlockwise</button>
<button class="ann-rotate-clockwise">Rotate Clockwise</button>
<button class="ann-rotate-anticlockwise">Rotate Anticlockwise</button>
<button class="ann-float">Float</button>
<button class="ann-float-stay">Float Stay</button>
<button class="ann-wiggle">Wiggle</button>
<button class="ann-jump">Jump</button>
<button class="ann-jump-stay">Jump Stay</button>
<button class="ann-raise">Raise</button>
<button class="ann-moving-rainbow">Moving Rainbow</button>
<button class="ann-bg-fill">Background Fill</button>
<button class="ann-bg-slide">Background Slide</button>
<button class="ann-bg-fade">Background Fade</button>
<button class="ann-rectangle-in">Rectangle In</button>
<button class="ann-rectangle-out">Rectangle Out</button>
<button class="ann-shutter-in-horizontal">Shutter In</button>
<button class="ann-shutter-in-vertical">Shutter In Vertical</button>
<button class="ann-shutter-out-horizontal">Shutter Out</button>
<button class="ann-shutter-out-vertical">Shutter Out Vertical</button>
<button class="ann-neon-backlight">Neon Backlight</button>
<button class="ann-glow">Glow</button>
<button class="ann-shadow">Shadow</button>
<button class="ann-grow-shadow">Grow Shadow</button>
<button class="ann-box-shadow-outset">Shadow Outset</button>
<button class="ann-box-shadow-inset">Shadow Inset</button>
<button class="ann-shine">Shine</button>
<button class="ann-border-fade">Border Fade</button>
<button class="ann-border-draw">Border Draw</button>
<button class="ann-round-edges">Rounded Edges</button>
<button class="ann-underline-left">Underline Left</button>
<button class="ann-underline-right">Underline Right</button>
<button class="ann-underline-center">Underline Center</button>
<button class="ann-underline-show">Underline Show</button>
<button class="ann-corner-grow">Corner Grow</button>
<button class="ann-trim-outline">Trim and Outline</button>
<button class="ann-outlined-border">Outlined Border</button>
<!-- Infinite Animations -->
<div class="ann-rotate-clockwise-infinite styled-div">Rotate</div>
<div class="ann-rotate-anticlockwise-infinite styled-div">Rotate</div>
<div class="ann-jump-infinite styled-div">Jump</div>
<div class="ann-wiggle-infinite styled-div">Wiggle</div>
<div class="ann-pulse-infinite styled-div">Pulse</div>
<div class="ann-bounce styled-div">Bounce</div>
<div class="ann-flash styled-div">Flash</div>
<div class="ann-hover styled-div">Hover</div>
<div class="ann-rotate-clockwise-3d styled-div">Rotate 3D</div>
<div class="ann-rotate-anticlockwise-3d styled-div">Rotate 3D</div>
<div class="ann-moving-gradient styled-simple">Moving Gradient</div>
<div class="ann-moving-gradient-opposite styled-simple">
  Outlined Border

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Hover Animations:

  • Scale Up
  • Scale Up Stay
  • Scale Down
  • Scale Down Stay
  • Skew Forward Up
  • Skew Forward Down
  • Skew Backward Up
  • Skew Backward Down
  • Backward
  • Forward
  • Opacity
  • Small Opacity
  • Lift Clockwise
  • Lift Anticlockwise
  • Rotate Clockwise
  • Rotate Anticlockwise
  • Float
  • Float Stay
  • Wiggle
  • Jump
  • Jump Stay
  • Raise
  • Moving Rainbow
  • Background Fill
  • Background Slide
  • Background Fade
  • Rectangle In
  • Rectangle Out
  • Shutter In
  • Shutter In Vertical
  • Shutter Out
  • Shutter Out Vertical
  • Neon Backlight
  • Glow
  • Shadow
  • Grow Shadow
  • Shadow Outset
  • Shadow Inset
  • Shine
  • Border Fade
  • Border Draw
  • Rounded Edges
  • Underline Left
  • Underline Right
  • Underline Center
  • Underline Show
  • Corner Grow
  • Trim and Outline
  • Outlined Border

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Infinite Animations:

  • Rotate
  • Jump
  • Wiggle
  • Pulse
  • Bounce
  • Flash
  • Hover
  • Moving Gradient
  • Outlined Border

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