Minimal Classless CSS Framework for Simple HTML Pages | SPCSS

SPCSS supports systems and web browsers with dark themes as well, so the look of the page depends on the color theme specified in your system or browser.

SPCSS is a simple, plain style sheet for plain text websites.


Here is a summary of the style changes provided by SPCSS:

  • Support for the dark color theme (prefers-color-scheme: dark).
  • Maximum width for the <body> element to prevent the lines from being too long. Shorter lines make it easier for our eyes to gauge the beginning and end of the lines.
  • Dark gray (#333) text color instead of black (#000) in light mode.
  • Increased line height to add more room around the lines.
  • More margin above headings to separate them more conspicuously from preceding content.
  • Less margin below headings as well as less line-height for margins to associate them more tightly with succeeding content.
  • Support for heading anchor links to facilitate sharing direct links to sections of a page.
  • Support for special styling of keyboard input (<kbd>) within code blocks (<pre>).
  • Ensure the width of images does not exceed the maximum width for the <body> element.
  • Simple styling for <figure> and <figcaption> elements such as margins aligned with the margins of text paragraphs, centered captions, and reduced font size for captions.
  • Light gray background for code blocks and blockquotes.
  • Prevent very long lines of code from overflowing outside the gray box for code blocks. Instead, make the code block scrollable when the code overflows the gray box.
  • Light borders for table cells.

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How to make use of it:

Insert the minified version of the sp.css into the HTML doc.

<link rel="stylesheet" href="sp.css" />



Minimal CSS Framework For Text-based Websites, SPCSS Plugin/Github

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