Customizable and Single HTML Element Code for Pure CSS Loader and Spinner


CSS Spinners and Loaders – Standard, customizable, single HTML element code. The CSSPIN library contains a different set of interactive CSS loader and spinners built on top of the LESS Preprocessor.

The single Pure CSS or Spinner loader can be easily customized and can be included with a single HTML element in your next development project.

How to make use of it:

Install CSSPIN via NPM or Bower:

npm install csspin
bower install csspin

1. Or embed the base CSS file directly into the document.

<link href="csspin.css" rel="stylesheet">

2. Create upload buttons on the webpage as follows:

<div class="cp-spinner cp-round"></div>  
<div class="cp-spinner cp-pinwheel"></div>  
<div class="cp-spinner cp-balls"></div>
<div class="cp-spinner cp-bubble"></div>  
<div class="cp-spinner cp-flip"></div>  
<div class="cp-spinner cp-hue"></div>
<div class="cp-spinner cp-skeleton"></div>  
<div class="cp-spinner cp-eclipse"></div>  
<div class="cp-spinner cp-boxes"></div>
<div class="cp-spinner cp-morph"></div>

Pure CSS/LESS Loading Spinners, CSSPIN Plugin/Github

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