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Interactive Data Table Generator with JS/jQuery and JSON | Tabulator

Tabulator allows you to create interactive tables in seconds from any HTML table, JavaScript array, AJAX data source, or JSON format data.

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Just include the library in your project and you’re away!

Key Features:

  • Upload JSON, Matrix, or AJAX data
  • High-performance large table based on virtual DOM
  • Column sort, Custom data format, and Columns can be resized
  • Automatic scaling to fit data/item
  • Several theme options
  • Custom click and context events
  • Recalls at every stage of data processing and display
  • Data filtering.

How to make use of it:

1. Install it with NPM.

$ npm install tabulator --save

2. Load the required JavaScript and CSS files within the HTML web page.

<!-- Core -->
<link href="dist/css/tabulator.min.css" rel="stylesheet">
<script src="dist/js/tabulator.min.js"></script>
<!-- jQuery Wrapper Optional -->
<script src="dist/js/jquery_wrapper.min.js"></script>

3. Create a container to place the generated table.

<div id="myTable"></div>

4. Define your tabular information in an array.

var myData = [
    {id:1, name:"Oli Bob", age:"12", col:"red", dob:""},
    {id:2, name:"Mary May", age:"1", col:"blue", dob:"14/05/1982"},
    {id:3, name:"Christine Lobowski", age:"42", col:"green", dob:"22/05/1982"},
    {id:4, name:"Brendon Philips", age:"125", col:"orange", dob:"01/08/1980"},
    {id:5, name:"Margret Marmajuke", age:"16", col:"yellow", dob:"31/01/1999"},

5. Generate a primary information table from the info you provide.

var table = new Tabulator("#myTable", {
    data: myData,
    // configuration options here

6. All attainable configuration options.

var table = new Tabulator("#myTable", {    

    // height of tabulatorheight: false, 

    // minimum height of tabulator
    minHeight: false, 

    // maximum height of tabulator
    maxHeight: false, 

    // "fitColumns" | "fitData" | "fitDataTable"
    layout: "fitData", 

    // up<a href="#!">date</a> column widths on setData
    layoutColumnsOnNewData: false, 

    // minimum global width for a column
    columnMinWidth: 40, 

    // vertical alignment of column headers
    columnHeaderVertAlign: "top", 

    // resizable columns
    resizableColumns: true, 

    // resizable rows
    resizableRows: false, 

    // auto resize table
    autoResize: true, 

    // column header here
    columns: [], 

    // horizontal alignment
    cellHozAlign: "", 

    // vertical alignment
    cellVertAlign: "",

    // tabular data here
    data: [],

    // auto-build columns from data row structure
    autoColumns: false, 

    // enable data reactivity
    reactiveData: false, 

    // seperatpr for nested data
    nestedFieldSeparator: ".", 

    // enable tooltips
    tooltips: false,

    // enable tooltips on headers
    tooltipsHeader: false,

    // when to generate tooltips
    tooltipGenerationMode: "load", 

    // initial sorting criteria
    initialSort: false, 

    // initial filtering criteria
    initialFilter: false, 

    // initial header filtering criteria
    initialHeaderFilter: false, 

    // multiple or single column sorting
    columnHeaderSortMulti: true,

    // reverse internal sort ordering
    sortOrderReverse: false, 

    // set default global header sort
    headerSort: true, 

    // set default tristate header sorting
    headerSortTristate: false, 

    // hold footer element
    footerElement: false, 

    // filed for row index
    index: "id", 

    // array for keybindings
    keybindings: [], 

    // create new row when tab to end of table
    tabEndNewRow: false, 

    // allow toggling of invalid option warnings
    invalidOptionWarnings: true, 

    // enable clipboard
    clipboard: false, 

    // formatted table data
    clipboardCopyStyled: true, 

    // clipboard config
    clipboardCopyConfig: {
      columnHeaders:false, //do not include column headers in clipboard output
      columnGroups:false, //do not include column groups in column headers for printed table
      rowGroups:false, //do not include row groups in clipboard output
      columnCalcs:false, //do not include column calculation rows in clipboard output
      dataTree:false, //do not include data tree in printed table
      formatCells:false, //show raw cell values without formatter

    // restrict clipboard to visible rows only
    clipboardCopyRowRange: "active", 

    // convert pasted clipboard data to rows
    clipboardPasteParser: "table", 

    // how to insert pasted data into the table
    clipboardPasteAction: "insert", 

    // data has been copied to the clipboard
    clipboardCopied: function clipboardCopied() {}, 

    // data has been pasted into the table
    clipboardPasted: function clipboardPasted() {}, 

    // data has not successfully been pasted into the table
    clipboardPasteError: function clipboardPasteError() {}, 

    // function to manipulate table data before it is downloaded
    downloadDataFormatter: false, 

    // function to manipulate download data
    downloadReady: function downloadReady(data, blob) {
      return blob;

    // function to manipulate download data
    downloadComplete: false, 

    // download configs
    downloadConfig: {
      columnHeaders:false, //do not include column headers in downloaded table
      columnGroups:false, //do not include column groups in column headers for downloaded table
      rowGroups:false, //do not include row groups in downloaded table
      columnCalcs:false, //do not include column calcs in downloaded table
      dataTree:false, //do not include data tree in downloaded table

    // restrict download to active rows only
    downloadRowRange: "active", 

    // enable data tree
    dataTree: false, 

    dataTreeElementColumn: false,

    // show data tree branch element
    dataTreeBranchElement: true, 

    //data tree child indent in px
    dataTreeChildIndent: 9, 

    //data tree column field to look for child rows
    dataTreeChildField: "_children", 

    // data tree row collapse element
    dataTreeCollapseElement: false, 

    // data tree row expand element
    dataTreeExpandElement: false, 

    // data tree start expand element
    dataTreeStartExpanded: false,

    // row has been expanded
    dataTreeRowExpanded: function dataTreeRowExpanded() {}, 

    // row has been collapsed
    dataTreeRowCollapsed: function dataTreeRowCollapsed() {}, 

    // include visible data tree rows in column calculations
    dataTreeChildColumnCalcs: false, 

    // seleccting a parent row selects its children
    dataTreeSelectPropagate: false, 

    // enable print as html
    printAsHtml: false, 

    // print formatter
    printFormatter: false, 

    // page header
    printHeader: false, 

    // page footer
    printFooter: false, 

    // enable styles while priting
    printStyled: true, //enable print as html styling

    // restrict print to visible rows only
    printRowRange: "visible", 

    // print configs
    printConfig: {
      columnHeaders:false, //do not include column headers in printed table
      columnGroups:false, //do not include column groups in column headers for printed table
      rowGroups:false, //do not include row groups in printed table
      columnCalcs:false, //do not include column calcs in printed table
      dataTree:false, //do not include data tree in printed table
      formatCells:false, //show raw cell values without formatter

    // or 'top'
    addRowPos: "bottom",

    // highlight rows on hover
    selectable: "highlight", 

    // highlight rows on hover
    selectableRangeMode: "drag", 

    // roll selection once maximum number of selectable rows is reached
    selectableRollingSelection: true, 

    // maintain selection when table view is updated
    selectablePersistence: true, 

    // check wheather row is selectable
    selectableCheck: function selectableCheck(data, row) {
      return true;

    // delay before updating column after user types in header filter
    headerFilterLiveFilterDelay: 300, 

    // placeholder text to display in header filters
    headerFilterPlaceholder: false,

    // hide header
    headerVisible: true, 

    // enable edit history
    history: false,

    // current system language
    locale: false, 

    langs: {

    // enable virtual DOM
    virtualDom: true, 

    // set virtual DOM buffer size
    virtualDomBuffer: 0, 

    // key for persistent storage
    persistenceID: "", 

    // mode for storing persistence information
    persistenceMode: true, 

    // function for handling persistence data reading
    persistenceReaderFunc: false, 

    // function for handling persistence data writing
    persistenceWriterFunc: false, 

    // enable persistence
    persistence: false,

    // enable responsive layout
    responsiveLayout: false, 

    // show collapsed data on start
    responsiveLayoutCollapseStartOpen: true, 

    // collapse formatter
    responsiveLayoutCollapseUseFormatters: true, 

    // responsive layout collapse formatter
    responsiveLayoutCollapseFormatter: false, 

    // set pagination type: "remote", or "local"
    pagination: false, 

    // number of rows per page
    paginationSize: false, 

    // initial page on page load
    paginationInitialPage: 1,

    // set count of page button
    paginationButtonCount: 5, 

    // add pagination size selector element
    paginationSizeSelector: false, 

    // element to hold pagination numbers
    paginationElement: false,

    // pagination data sent to the server
    paginationDataSent: {}, 

    // pagination data received from the server
    paginationDataReceived: {}, 

    // add rows on table or page
    paginationAddRow: "page", 

    // url for ajax loading
    ajaxURL: false, 

    ajaxURLGenerator: false,

    // params for ajax loading
    ajaxParams: {}, 

    // ajax request type
    ajaxConfig: "get", 

    // ajax request type
    ajaxContentType: "form", 

    // promise function
    ajaxRequestFunc: false, 

    // show loader
    ajaxLoader: true, 

    // loader element
    ajaxLoaderLoading: false, 

    // loader element
    ajaxLoaderError: false, 

    ajaxFiltering: false,

    ajaxSorting: false,

    // progressive loading
    ajaxProgressiveLoad: false, 

    // delay between requests
    ajaxProgressiveLoadDelay: 0, 

    // margin before scroll begins
    ajaxProgressiveLoad<a href="#!">Scroll</a>Margin: 0, 

    // enable table grouping and set field to group by
    groupBy: false, 

    // starting state of group
    groupStartOpen: true, 

    groupValues: false,

    // header generation function
    groupHeader: false, 

    groupHeaderPrint: null,

    groupHeaderClipboard: null,

    groupHeaderHtmlOutput: null,

    groupHeaderDownload: null,

    // html output configs
    htmlOutputConfig: false, 

    // enable movable columns
    movableColumns: false, 

    // enable movable rows
    movableRows: false, 

    // tables for movable rows to be connected to
    movableRowsConnectedTables: false, 

    // other elements for movable rows to be connected to
    movableRowsConnectedElements: false, 

    movableRowsSender: false,

    movableRowsReceiver: "insert",

    movableRowsSendingStart: function movableRowsSendingStart() {},

    movableRowsSent: function movableRowsSent() {},

    movableRowsSentFailed: function movableRowsSentFailed() {},

    movableRowsSendingStop: function movableRowsSendingStop() {},

    movableRowsReceivingStart: function movableRowsReceivingStart() {},

    movableRowsReceived: function movableRowsReceived() {},

    movableRowsReceivedFailed: function movableRowsReceivedFailed() {},

    movableRowsReceivingStop: function movableRowsReceivingStop() {},

    movableRowsElementDrop: function movableRowsElementDrop() {},

    scrollToRowPosition: "top",

    scrollToRowIfVisible: true,

    scrollToColumnPosition: "left",

    scrollToColumnIfVisible: true,

    rowFormatter: false,

    rowFormatterPrint: null,

    rowFormatterClipboard: null,

    rowFormatterHtmlOutput: null,

    placeholder: false,

    // table building callbacks

    tableBuilding: function tableBuilding() {},

    tableBuilt: function tableBuilt() {},

    // render callbacks

    renderStarted: function renderStarted() {},

    renderComplete: function renderComplete() {},

    // row callbacks

    rowClick: false,

    rowDblClick: false,

    rowContext: false,

    rowTap: false,

    rowDblTap: false,

    rowTapHold: false,

    rowMouseEnter: false,

    rowMouseLeave: false,

    rowMouseOver: false,

    rowMouseOut: false,

    rowMouseMove: false,

    rowContext<a href="#!">Menu</a>: false,

    rowAdded: function rowAdded() {},

    rowDeleted: function rowDeleted() {},

    rowMoved: function rowMoved() {},

    rowUpdated: function rowUpdated() {},

    rowSelectionChanged: function rowSelectionChanged() {},

    rowSelected: function rowSelected() {},

    rowDeselected: function rowDeselected() {},

    rowResized: function rowResized() {},

    // cell callbacks

    // row callbacks

    cellClick: false,

    cellDblClick: false,

    cellContext: false,

    cellTap: false,

    cellDblTap: false,

    cellTapHold: false,

    cellMouseEnter: false,

    cellMouseLeave: false,

    cellMouseOver: false,

    cellMouseOut: false,

    cellMouseMove: false,

    cellEditing: function cellEditing() {},

    cellEdited: function cellEdited() {},

    cellEditCancelled: function cellEditCancelled() {},

    // column callbacks

    columnMoved: false,

    columnResized: function columnResized() {},

    columnTitleChanged: function columnTitleChanged() {},

    columnVisibilityChanged: function columnVisibilityChanged() {},

    // HTML import callbacks

    htmlImporting: function htmlImporting() {},

    htmlImported: function htmlImported() {},

    // data callbacks

    dataLoading: function dataLoading() {},

    dataLoaded: function dataLoaded() {},

    dataEdited: function dataEdited() {},

    // ajax callbacks

    ajaxRequesting: function ajaxRequesting() {},

    ajaxResponse: false,

    ajaxError: function ajaxError() {},

    // filtering callbacks

    dataFiltering: false,

    dataFiltered: false,

    // sorting callbacks

    dataSorting: function dataSorting() {},

    dataSorted: function dataSorted() {},

    // grouping callbacks

    groupToggleElement: "arrow",

    groupClosedShowCalcs: false,

    dataGrouping: function dataGrouping() {},

    dataGrouped: false,

    groupVisibilityChanged: function groupVisibilityChanged() {},

    groupClick: false,

    groupDblClick: false,

    groupContext: false,

    groupContextMenu: false,

    groupTap: false,

    groupDblTap: false,

    groupTapHold: false,

    columnCalcs: true,

    // pagination callbacks

    pageLoaded: function pageLoaded() {},

    // localization callbacks

    localized: function localized() {},

    // validation callbacks

    validationMode: "blocking",

    validationFailed: function validationFailed() {},

    // history callbacks

    historyUndo: function historyUndo() {},

    historyRedo: function historyRedo() {},

    // scroll callbacks

    scrollHorizontal: function scrollHorizontal() {},

    scrollVertical: function scrollVertical() {}

7. API strategies.

// replace data
table.replaceData([{id:1, name:"bob", gender:"male"}, {id:2, name:"Jenny", gender:"female"}]) 
table.replaceData() // reload
    //run code after table has been successfuly updated
    //handle error loading data

// update data
table.updateData([{id:1, name:"bob", gender:"male"}, {id:2, name:"Jenny", gender:"female"}]);
table.updateData([{id:1, name:"bob"}])
    //run code after data has been updated
    //handle error updating data

// add data
table.addData([{id:6, name:"bob", gender:"male"}, {id:7, name:"Jenny", gender:"female"}], true, 3); //add new data above existing row with index of 3
table.addData([{id:1, name:"bob", gender:"male"}, {id:2, name:"Jenny", gender:"female"}], true)
    //rows - array of the row components for the rows updated or added

    //run code after data has been updated
    //handle error updating data

// update or add data
table.updateOrAddData([{id:1, name:"bob"}, {id:3, name:"steve"}]);
table.updateOrAddData([{id:1, name:"bob"}, {id:3, name:"steve"}])
    //rows - array of the row components for the rows updated or added

    //run code after data has been updated
    //handle error updating data

// clear data

// get data

// add row
table.addRow({name:"Billy Bob", age:"12", gender:"male", height:1}, true)
  // ...

// update row
table.updateRow(1, {id:1, name:"bob", gender:"male"});
  // ...
  // ...

// update or add row
table.updateOrAddRow(3, {id:3, name:"steve", gender:"male"});
table.updateOrAddRow(3, {id:3, name:"steve", gender:"male"})
  // ...
  // ...

// get row element

// delete row
table.deleteRow([15,7, 9]);
  // ...
  // ...
  // ...
  // ...

// set order
table.setSort("age", "asc");
    {column:"age", dir:"asc"}, //sort by this first
    {column:"height", dir:"desc"}, //then sort by this second

// get sorters

// clear all sorters

// table validation

// get invalid cells

// check if is valid

// clear cell validation
cell.clear<a href="#!">Validation</a>();
table.clearCellValidation([cell1, cell2]);

// set filter
table.setFilter("age", ">", 10);
table.setFilter("name", "like", "teve");
table.setFilter("age", "in", ["steve", "bob", "jim"]);
table.setFilter("age", "regex", /[a-z]/);
table.setFilter(customFilter, {height:3});
    {field:"age", type:">", value:52}, //filter by age greater than 52
        {field:"height", type:"<", value:142}, //with a height of less than 142
        {field:"name", type:"=", value:"steve"}, //or a name of steve

// add filter
table.addFilter("age", ">", 22);

// remove filter
table.removeFilter("age", ">", 22);

// get filters

// get header filters

// clear all filters

// set header filter value
table.setHeaderFilterValue("name", "Steve");

// get header filter value

// focus On Header Filter

// search data
table.searchRows("age", ">", 12);
table.searchData("age", ">", 12);

// get row position
table.getRowPosition(row, true);
table.getRowFromPosition(5, true)

// retrieve data as HTML Table
table.getHtml("visible", true, {columnGroups:false});

// recalculate all column calculations

// get calculation results

Easy Data Table Generator, Make Dynamic Tables in Seconds from Any JSON Data, tabulator Plugin/Github

See Demo And Download

Official Website(olifolkerd): Click Here

This superior jQuery/javascript plugin is developed by olifolkerd. For extra advanced usage, please go to the official website.

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