Create Data Flows with Drag And Drop Flowchart Builder | Drawflow

Flow diagram allows you to create data streams easily and quickly. Install a JavaScript library only and have four lines of code. Draw flow is a JavaScript library to dynamically generates a reasonable flowchart by way of drag and drop.


  • Drag Nodes
  • Multiple Inputs / Outputs
  • Multiple connections
  • Delete Nodes and Connections
  • Add/Delete inputs/outputs
  • Reroute connections
  • Data sync on Nodes
  • Zoom in / out
  • Clear data module
  • Support modules
  • Editor mode editfixed or view
  • Import / Export data
  • Events
  • Mobile support
  • Vanilla javascript (No dependencies)
  • NPM
  • Vue Support component nodes && Nuxt

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How to make use of it:

Install & Download:

$ npm install drawflow --save

1. Import the draw flow as the ES module.

import Drawflow from 'drawflow'
import styleDrawflow from 'drawflow/dist/drawflow.min.css'

2. Or Load the Drawflow’s JavaScript and CSS records data within the document.

<link rel="stylesheet" href="/path/to/dist/drawflow.min.css"> <script src="/path/to/dist/drawflow.min.js"></script>

3. Create a container in the place you need to flowchart.

<div id="drawflow"></div>

4. Initialize the flowchart builder.

var example = document.getElementById("drawflow");
const editor = new Drawflow(example);

5. Start modifying the flowchart.


6. add nodes to the flowchart.

editor.addNode(name, inputs, outputs, posx, posy, class, data, html);

7. Register reusable nodes.

var html = document.createElement("div");
html.innerHTML =  "Hello World!";
editor.registerNode('myNode', html);
editor.addNode('newNode', 0, 1, 150, 300, 'newNode', data, 'myNode', true);

8. Export & import chart data.

var exportdata = editor.export();

9. Disable the editor mode.

editor.editor_mode = 'fixed';

10. Adjust the min/max zoom components.

editor.zoom_max = 1.6;
editor.zoom_min = 0.5;

11. More API strategies.

// remove a node

// add a connection
editor.addConnection(id_output, id_input, output_class, input_class)

// remove connection
editor.removeSingleConnection(id_output, id_input, output_class, input_class)

// add input to node

// add output to node

// remove input from node.
editor.removeNodeInput(id, input_class)

// remove output from node
editor.removeNodeOutput(id, output_class)

// remove a collection between nodes

// clear the data of the selected node

// clear all data

// zoom in/out

12. Event handlers.

editor.on('nodeCreated', function(id) {
  // do something

editor.on('nodeRemoved', function(id) {
  // do something

editor.on('nodeSelected', function(id) {
  // do something

editor.on('connectionCreated', function(ouput_id, input_id, ouput_class, input_class) {
  // do something

editor.on('connectionRemoved', function(ouput_id, input_id, ouput_class, input_class) {
  // do something

editor.on('moduleCreated', function(name) {
  // do something

editor.on('moduleChanged', function(name) {
  // do something

editor.on('mouseMove', function(x, y) {
  // do something

editor.on('zoom', function(zoom_level) {
  // do something

editor.on('translate', function(x, y) {
  // do something

editor.on('import', function() {
  // do something

Mouse and Keys

  • del key to remove the element.
  • Right click to show remove options (Mobile long press).
  • Left click press to move the editor or node selected.
  • Ctrl + Mouse Wheel Zoom in/out (Mobile pinch).


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rerouteBooleanfalseActive reroute
reroute_fix_curvatureBooleanfalseFix adding points
reroute_curvature_start_endNumber0.5Curvature reroute first point and last point
reroute_curvatureNumber0.5Curvature reroute
reroute_widthNumber6Width of reroute
line_pathNumber5Width of line
force_first_inputBooleanfalseForce the first input to drop the connection on top of the node
editor_modeTexteditedit for edit, fixed for nodes fixed but their input fields available, view for view only
zoomNumber1Default zoom
zoom_maxNumber1.6Default zoom max
zoom_minNumber0.5Default zoom min
zoom_valueNumber0.1Default zoom value update
zoom_last_valueNumber1Default zoom last value
draggable_inputsBooleantrueDrag nodes on click inputs
useuuidBooleanfalseUse UUID as node ID instead of an integer index. Only affect newly created nodes, do not affect imported nodes


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nametextName of module
inputsnumberNumber of de inputs
outputsnumberNumber of de outputs
pos_xnumberPosition on start node left
pos_ynumberPosition on start node top
classtextAdded classname to de node. Multiple classnames separated by space
datajsonData passed to the node
htmltextHTML drew on a node or name of register node.
typenodeboolean & textDefault falsetrue for Object HTML, vue for vue


You can detect events that are happening.

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List of available events:

nodeCreatedidid of Node
nodeRemovedidid of Node
nodeDataChangedidid of Node df-* attributes changed.
nodeSelectedidid of Node
nodeUnselectedtrueUnselect node
nodeMovedidid of Node
connectionStart{ output_id, output_class }id of nodes and output selected
connectionCanceltrueConnection Cancel
connectionCreated{ output_id, input_id, output_class, input_class }id‘s of nodes and output/input selected
connectionRemoved{ output_id, input_id, output_class, input_class }id‘s of nodes and output/input selected
connectionSelected{ output_id, input_id, output_class, input_class }id‘s of nodes and output/input selected
connectionUnselectedtrueUnselect connection
addRerouteidid of Node output
removeRerouteidid of Node output
rerouteMovedidid of Node output
moduleCreatednamename of Module
moduleChangednamename of Module
moduleRemovednamename of Module
clickeventClick event
clickEndeventOnce the click changes have been made
contextmenueventClick the second button mouse event
mouseMove{ x, y }Position
mouseUpeventMouseUp Event
keydowneventKeydown event
zoomzoom_levelLevel of zoom
translate{ x, y }Position translate editor
importimportFinish import
exportdataData export

See Demo And Download


Official Website(jerosoler): Click Here

This superior jQuery/javascript plugin is developed by jerosoler. For extra advanced usage, please go to the official website.

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