Fully Customizable SelectBox in Vanilla Javascript | BVSelect

BVSelect is the Vanilla JavaScript version of the jQuery plugin that turns the original select element into an animated, customizable, mobile-friendly dropdown menu.

BVSelect Features:

  • Fully customizable
  • No dependencies, built with VanillaJS
  • Tested in all modern browsers
  • Pictures and FontIcons
  • Optimize phone and normal use
  • Built-in search box
  • Viewport overrun is forbidden

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How to make use of it:

1. Load the BVSelect Plugin’s JavaScript and Stylesheet.

<link rel="stylesheet" href="css/bvselect.css" />
<script src="js/bvselect.js"></script>

2. Attach the function BVSelect to the <select /> component and the plugin will do the remaining.

<select id="selectbox">
  <option data-separator="true" value="">Select...</option>
  <option value="jquery" selected>jQuery</option>
  <option value="javascript">JavaScript</option>
  <option value="angular" disabled>Angular</option>
  <option value="react">React</option>
  <option value="vue">Vue.js</option>
var mySelect = new BVSelect({
    selector: "#selectbox"

3. Add a search field to the dropdown.

var mySelect = new BVSelect({
    selector: "#selectbox",
    searchbox: true

4. Specify the width of the dropdown.

var mySelect = new BVSelect({
    selector: "#selectbox",
    width: '300px'

5. Add pictures to the start of the choices.

<select id="selectbox">
  <option value="">Select...</option>
  <option data-img="jquery.png" value="jquery" selected>jQuery</option>
  <option data-img="javascript.png" value="javascript">JavaScript</option>

6. Add icons (font superior on this example) to the start of the choices.

<select id="selectbox">
  <option data-separator="true" value="" selected>Select...</option>
  <option data-icon="fa fa-profile" value="jquery" selected>jQuery</option>
  <option data-icon="fa fa-home" value="javascript">JavaScript</option>

7. Make the dropdown all the time be visible on the display screen.

var mySelect = new BVSelect({
    selector: "#selectbox",
    offset: true

8. Open the dropdown in a modal popup when working on the mobile.

var mySelect = new BVSelect({
    selector: "#selectbox",
    breakpoint: 450

9. Customize the placeholder text.

var mySelect = new BVSelect({
    selector: "#selectbox",
    placeholder: "Select Option",
    search_placeholder: "Search..."

10. Change the choices of the dropdown.

  placeholder: "New Placeholder",
  search_placeholder: "New Searchbox's Placeholder",
  options : {
    0: {
      inner_text: 'Option 1',
      value: "1",
      disabled: false,
      separator: false,
      img: "1.png",
      icon: "fa fa-home"
    1: {
      inner_text: 'Option 2',
      value: "2",
      disabled: false,
      separator: false,
      img: "2.png",
      icon: "fa fa-home"
    // ...
// apply the change to the dropdown

11. More API strategies.

// destroy the dropdown

// get ID

// change settings
  placeholder: '',
  search_placeholder: '',
  options: {}

// append options
  position: '',
  options: {}

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selectorID---Specify ID of the element
widthpx or %100%Specify the width of the main element
searchboxbooleanfalseAdd a search box to the list
offsetbooleantrueFixes Viewport Offset
placeholderstringSelect OptionModify dropdown’s placeholder
search_placeholderstringSearch...Modify input’s placelholder
search_autofocusbooleanfalseAutomatically focus on search input if enabled
breakpointinteger600Defines the responsive breakpoint (in px)


data-separatorbooleanHighlights an option
data-imgImage SourceAdds an Image to option
data-iconfa fa-hashtagAdds an FontIcon to option, can be used any provider as long it is identical. Images will be prioritized over icons.
disabled (native)disabledDisables an option

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