CSS-only Implementation Of Float Label Pattern With Automatic Fallback


CSS only bulletproof Float Label style app with automatic fallback for any unsupported browser.

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  • No JS! Pure CSS!
  • No hacks with required and: valid!
  • HTML5 validation support!
  • Compatible with <select> and <textarea> fields!
  • No need to define for=”…” attribute on <label>!

How to make use of it:


$ npm install float-label-css

1. Import float-label-css into your project or include the float-label.css stylesheet in your document.

<link rel="stylesheet" href="dist/float-label.css"/>

2. Wrap the form fields and labels in a container called “has-float-label” as follows:

<div class="has-float-label">
  <input id="first" type="text" placeholder="Name"/>
  <label for="first">First</label>
<div class="has-float-label">
  <input id="last" type="text" placeholder="Surname"/>
  <label for="last">Last</label>

CSS Only Floating Label For Form Fields, Pure-CSS Float Label Plugin/Github

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