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A Clean and Easy Form Validator for jQuery | validin

Validin is a lightweight and easy-to-use jQuery plugin that is used to validate different types of form fields with regular expressions. Validin tries to remove the headache of model validation by simplifying things and keeping your coding clean.

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How to make use of it:

1. To use this plugin, you first have to load the JavaScript file ‘validin.js’ after you’ve got loaded the jQuery library:

<script src="//"></script>
<script src="validin.js"></script>

2. Call the function on the target type aspect and the jQuery Validin is prepared to be used.


3. Add the validate="Rule Name" attribute to the form fields as these:

  <input required>
  <input validate="alpha">
  <input validate="alpha_num">
  <input validate="alpha_space">
  <input validate="alpha_dash">
  <input validate="alpha_num_dash">
  <input validate="number">
  <input validate="decimal">
  <input validate="name">
  <input validate="email">
  <input validate="url">
  <input validate="phone">
  <input validate="zip">
  <input validate="creditcard">
  <input validate="min:5">
  <input validate="max:5">
  <input validate="min_length:5">
  <input validate="max_length:5">
  <input class="must_match">
  <input validate="match:.must_match">
  <input type="submit">

3. You also can define your personal validation guidelines utilizing regex.

<input validate="regex:/[0-9a-z]{1,3}-\d*/i">

4. Style the error message and form fields when invalid.

input.invalid { border-color: #ff7a7a; }

.validation_error {
  margin: .4em 0 1em;
  color: #ff7a7a;
  font-size: .7em;
  text-transform: uppercase;
  letter-spacing: .15em;

5. Customize the default validation guidelines and error messages.

  validation_tests: {
    'alpha': {
      'regex': /[a-zA-Z]*/,
      'error_message': "This can only contain only letters"
    'alpha_num': {
      'regex':  /[A-Z0-9]*/i,
      'error_message': "This can only contain letters and numbers"
    'alpha_space': {
      'regex': /[A-Z ]*/i,
      'error_message': "This can only contain letters"
    'alpha_dash': {
      'regex': /[A-Z\.\-_]*/i,
      'error_message': "This can only contain letters, underscores and hyphens"
    'alpha_num_dash': {
      'regex': /[A-Z0-9\.\-_]*/i,
      'error_message': "This can only contain letters, numbers, underscores and hyphens"
    'number': {
      'regex': /[\d]*/,
      'error_message': "This needs to be a valid whole number"
    'decimal': {
      'regex': /(\d*\.?\d*)/,
      'error_message': "This needs to be a valid number"
    'name': {
      'regex': /[A-Z\.\-'\s]*/i,
      'error_message': "This needs to be a valid name"
    'email': {
      'regex': /[A-Z0-9._%+-]+@[A-Z0-9.-]+\.[A-Z]{2,4}/i,
      'error_message': "This needs to be a valid email address"
    'url': {
      'regex': /(https?|ftp):\/\/[^\s\/$.?#].[^\s]*/i,
      'error_message': "This needs to be a valid URL"
    'phone': {
      'regex': /(?=.*?\d{3}( |-|.)?\d{4})((?:\+?(?:1)(?:\1|\s*?))?(?:(?:\d{3}\s*?)|(?:\((?:\d{3})\)\s*?))\1?(?:\d{3})\1?(?:\d{4})(?:\s*?(?:#|(?:ext\.?))(?:\d{1,5}))?)\b/i,
      'error_message': "This needs to be a valid phone number"
    'zip': {
      'regex': /\d{5}(?:-?\d{4})?/i,
      'error_message': "This needs to be a valid zip code"
    'creditcard': {
      'regex': /(?:4[0-9]{12}(?:[0-9]{3})?|5[1-5][0-9]{14}|6(?:011|5[0-9][0-9])[0-9]{12}|3[47][0-9]{13}|3(?:0[0-5]|[68][0-9])[0-9]{11}|(?:2131|1800|35\d{3})\d{11})/i,
      'error_message': "This needs to be a valid credit card number"
    'regex': {
      'regex': /.*/i,
      'error_message': "This is not a valid value"
    'min': {
      'regex': /.*/i,
      'error_message': "This number needs to be at least %i"
    'max': {
      'regex': /.*/i,
      'error_message': "This number needs to no more than %i"
    'min_length': {
      'regex': /.*/i,
      'error_message': "This needs to be at least %i characters long"
    'max_length': {
      'regex': /.*/i,
      'error_message': "This needs to be no more than %i characters long"
    'match': {
      'regex': /.*/i,
      'error_message': "These values have to match"

6. More configuration choices with default values.


  // delay time in milliseconds
  feedback_delay: 700,

  // default CSS classes
  invalid_input_class: 'invalid',
  error_message_class: "validation_error",

  // default error messages
  form_error_message: "Please fix any errors in the form",
  required_fields_initial_error_message: "Please fill in all required fields",
  required_field_error_message: "This field is required",

  // adjust margins on the validation error messages
  override_input_margins: true,

  // additional validate rules
  tests: {},

  // callback
  onValidateInput: function() {}

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Official Website(thomhines): Click Here

This superior jQuery/javascript plugin is developed by thomhines. For extra Advanced Usages, please go to the official website.

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