WYSIWYG Rich Text Editor For Angular Using ProseMirror

NgxEditor WYSIWYG Rich Text Editor for Angular using ProseMirror. Based on the iconic font Ngx-Bootstrap and Font Awesome.

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How to make use of it:

1. Install via Package managers such as npm or yarn.

npm install ngx-editor --save
# or
yarn add ngx-editor

2. Import the ngx-editor module.

import { NgxEditorModule } from 'ngx-editor';

  imports: [NgxEditorModule],
export class AppModule {}

3. Component

import { Editor } from 'ngx-editor';

export class EditorComponent implements OnInit, OnDestroy {
  editor: Editor;
  html: '';

  ngOnInit(): void {
    this.editor = new Editor();

  // make sure to destory the editor
  ngOnDestroy(): void {

4. Then in HTML

<div class="NgxEditor__Wrapper">
  <ngx-editor-menu [editor]="editor"> </ngx-editor-menu>
    [placeholder]="'Type here...'"

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