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Fuzzy Searches Like Sublime or phpstorm Directory Plugin for jQuery

jqueryfuzzy is a lightweight and flexible jQuery fuzzy search plugin that is used to search for text in a dataset using approximate string matching technology.

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How to make use of it:

1. Load the jquery.fuzzy.js library after jQuery.

<script src="/path/to/cdn/jquery.min.js"></script>
<script src="/path/to/jquery.fuzzy.js"></script>

2. Create a search field to filter by means of your content.

<input type="text" id="searchBar" />

3. Prepare your dataset as follows:

<div id="dataset">
  <div class="row" id="row1">Content 1</div>
  <div class="row" id="row2">Content 2</div>
  <div class="row" id="row3">Content 3</div>
var dataset = [];
var i = 1;
$('div#dataset .row').each(function(){
  dataset.push({title: $(this).text(), id: $(this).attr('id')});

4. Call the plugin on the search field to allow the fuzzy search:

    dataset : dataset,
    searchkey: 'title'
  .on('fuzzy.clear', function(e, matches){
    // delete previously highlighted rows
    // Show rows
    $('div#dataset .row').show();

  .on('', function(e, matches){
    // Matches will be the same as dataset, except it now has a new key: hlString (highlight string)
    // delete previously highlighted rows
    // Hide rows
    $('div#dataset .row').hide();

    var i;
    for (i in matches) {
      var match = matches[i];
      // Use the id to show the highlighted string
      $row = $('<div class="row highlight">'+match['hlString']+'</div>');

5. Determine the min variety of characters typed within the search field to activate the fuzzy search performance.

  dataset : dataset,
  searchkey: 'title',
  minLength: 1,

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See Demo And Download

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This superior jQuery/javascript plugin is developed by kedomingo. For extra advanced usage, please go to the official website.

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