[Glide] A Lightweight, Flexible and Fast JavaScript ES6 Slider and Carousel Plugin

Glide.js is a dependency-free ES6 slider and javascript. It is lightweight, flexible, and fast. Designed to slip. No less, no more.

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What can convince you:

  • Free of dependency. Everything included, ready to go.
  • Lightweight. Only ~23KB (~7KB gzip) with all functionality built-in.
  • Normative. Remove unused units and drop script weight more.
  • Extendable. Connect your units with additional functions.
  • Bundlers are ready. Using Rollup or Webpack? We support you.

Build using NPM scripts. The following texts are available:

  • build: css – output CSS files from SASS files.
  • build: js – Output all destination variables for the script.
  • build – builds the entire library comprehensively.
  • test – Runs a complete test suite.
  • lint – lints library javascript files.

How to make use of it:

1. Install and download the library using NPM.

$ npm install @glidejs/glide --save

2. Import Glide.js into your project.

// Core Stylesheet
@import "node_modules/@glidejs/glide/src/assets/sass/glide.core";
// Theme Stylesheet
@import "node_modules/@glidejs/glide/src/assets/sass/glide.theme";

import Glide from '@glidejs/glide'

3. Or load the JavaScript and CSS files directly into the document.

<!-- Local -->
<link rel="stylesheet" href="dist/css/glide.core.min.css">
<link rel="stylesheet" href="dist/css/glide.theme.min.css">
<script src="dist/glide.min.js"></script>

<!-- CDN -->
<link rel="stylesheet" href="https://cdn.jsdelivr.net/npm/@glidejs/glide@latest/dist/css/glide.core.min.css">
<link rel="stylesheet" href="https://cdn.jsdelivr.net/npm/@glidejs/glide@latest/dist/css/glide.theme.min.css">
<script src="https://cdn.jsdelivr.net/npm/@glidejs/glide@latest/dist/glide.min.js"></script>

4. Generate HTML for slides, bullets, and navigation arrows.

<div class="glide">
  <!-- Slides here -->
  <div class="glide__track" data-glide-el="track">
    <ul class="glide__slides">
      <li class="glide__slide">Slide 1</li>
      <li class="glide__slide">Slide 2</li>
      <li class="glide__slide">Slide 3</li>
  <!-- Navigation -->
  <div class="glide__arrows" data-glide-el="controls">
    <button class="glide__arrow glide__arrow--left" data-glide-dir="<">prev</button>
    <button class="glide__arrow glide__arrow--right" data-glide-dir=">">next</button>
  <!-- Pagination -->
  <div class="glide__bullets" data-glide-el="controls[nav]">
    <button class="glide__bullet" data-glide-dir="=0"></button>
    <button class="glide__bullet" data-glide-dir="=1"></button>
    <button class="glide__bullet" data-glide-dir="=2"></button>

5. Create custom slider controls.

<div data-glide-el="controls">
  <button data-glide-dir="<">Previous</button>
  <button data-glide-dir=">">Next</button>
  <button data-glide-dir="<<">First</button>
  <button data-glide-dir=">>">Last</button>
  <button data-glide-dir="=1">Goto The Slide 2</button>

6. Configure Glide.js with default settings.

new Glide('.glide').mount();

7. Possible options to customize the scroll bar.

new Glide('.glide', {

    // Auto change slides after specifed interval.
    autoplay: 4000,

    // Slider type. 
    // carousel, slider or slideshow.
    type: 'carousel',

    // Start slider at specifed slide number.
    startAt: 1,

    // Pause autoplay on mouseover the slider.
    hoverpause: true,

    // Change slide on left/right keyboard arrow press.
    keyboard: true,

    // The number of slides to show per screen
    perView: 1,

    // 'center' or 1,2,3...
    focusAt: 0,

    // Space between slides
    gap: 10,

    // Stop running perView number of slides from the end
    bound: false,

    // Minimal touch-swipe distance to need to change slide. 
    // False for turning off touch.
    swipeThreshold: 80,

    // Maximum number of slides moved per single swipe or drag
    perTouch: false,

    // Alternate moving distance ratio of swiping and dragging
    touchRatio: .5,

    // Angle required to activate slides moving
    touchAngle: 45,

    // Minimal drag distance to need to change slide. 
    // False for turning off drag.
    dragThreshold: 120,

    // Animation duration in ms.
    animationDuration: 400,

    // Animation easing CSS function.
    animationTimingFunc: 'cubic-bezier(0.165, 0.840, 0.440, 1.000)',

    // Call the resize events at most once per every wait in milliseconds.
    throttle: 16,

    // Enable infinite loop on slider type
    rewind: true,

    // Duration of the rewinding animation
    rewindDuration: 800,

    // 'ltr' or 'rtl'

    // The value of the future viewports which have to be visible in the current view
    // e.g. 100 or { before: 100, after: 50 }
    peek: 0,

    // Options applied at specified media breakpoints
    breakpoints: {},

    // Default CSS classes
    classes: {
      direction: {
        ltr: 'glide--ltr',
        rtl: 'glide--rtl'
      slider: 'glide--slider',
      carousel: 'glide--carousel',
      swipeable: 'glide--swipeable',
      dragging: 'glide--dragging',
      cloneSlide: 'glide__slide--clone',
      activeNav: 'glide__bullet--active',
      activeSlide: 'glide__slide--active',
      disabledArrow: 'glide__arrow--disabled'

8. API properties and methods.

// the current slide index

// get the option value

// get the slider type

// get the slider status

// enable the slider

// update the option
glide.update({ options here });

// play the slider

// pause the slider

// enable the slider

// disable the slider

// destroy the slider

// go to the next slide
// see more in the controls section

// check the slider type

9. Event handlers.

glide.on('mount.before', function() {
  // befoure mount

glide.on('mount.after', function() {
  // after mount

glide.on('update', function() {
  // after the settings changed

glide.on('play', function() {
  // when playing

glide.on('pause', function() {
  // when paused

glide.on('build.before', function() {
  // before setting up a slider to its initial state

glide.on('build.bafter', function() {
  // after setting up a slider to its initial state

glide.on('run.before', function(move) {
  // before running

glide.on('run', function(move) {
  // when running

glide.on('run.after', function(move) {
  // after running

glide.on('run.offset', function(move) {
  // after calculating new index and making a transition

glide.on('run.start', function(move) {
  // after calculating the new index, but before making a transition

glide.on('run.end', function(move) {
  // after calculating the new index, but before making a transition

glide.on('move', function(movement) {
  // on move

glide.on('move.after', function(movement) {
  // after moving

glide.on('resize', function() {
  // on window resize

glide.on('swipe.start', function() {
  // swipe.start

glide.on('swipe.move', function() {
  // swipe.move

glide.on('swipe.end', function() {
  // swipe.end

glide.on('translate.jump', function(movement) {
  // before a translate applies

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