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[Fix] Google Removed The “View Image” Button | viewimage.js

viewimage.js is a pure JavaScript-based reference tool to fix the Google View Image feature that allows you to view the full size of an image with just one click.

Google removed the View Image button on February 15th. This is a shortcut app that allows you to download the full-size image you are currently viewing.

How to make use of it:

  • Head over here and drag the shortcut app to the bookmarks bar.
  • Go to Google Images/Photos, click on any image to view it, wait for the preview to finish loading, and then click on the shortcut. The full-size image should open in a new tab.


fix the google view image feature, Viewimage Plugin/Github

See Demo And Download

Official Website(d3vr): Click Here

This superior jQuery/javascript plugin is developed by d3vr. For extra advanced usage, please go to the official website.

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