A CSS Hint Library Just for Your Awesome Websites


hint.css is written as a pure CSS resource with which you can create great accessible tooltips for your web application. It is not based on JavaScript but rather uses the aria-label / data-attribute * attribute, pseudo-elements, content property, and CSS3 transitions to generate tooltips. Also, the BEM naming convention is used, especially for modifiers.

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Browser support

css works on the latest browsers, although the transition effect is only supported on IE10+, Chrome 26+, and FF4+ at the moment.

  • Chrome – Basic Transition Effects +
  • Firefox – Basic + Transition Effects
  • Opera – Basic
  • Safari – Basic
  • IE 10+ – Basic + Transition Effects
  • IE 8 & 9 – Basic

How to make use of it:

1. Include hint.css in the header section of your document.

<link rel="stylesheet" href="hint.css">

2. Add a link to an HTML element. Use the “data hint” attribute for hint/hint content.

<a class="hint--top  hint--error" data-hint="This is an error tooltip">Hover me</a>

3. You can also use the ‘aria-label’ attribute instead.

<a class="hint--top  hint--error" aria-label="This is an error tooltip">Hover me</a>

All possible themes.

  • hint–error
  • hint–info
  • hint–warning
  • hint–success

Change the size of the tooltip.

  • hint–small
  • hint–medium
  • hint–large

More CSS classes to customize the tooltip

  • hint–always: always display
  • hint–rounded: rounded corner
  • hint–no-animate: with no animation
  • hint–bounce: with bounce animation

Create Animated Tooltips With Pure CSS/CSS3, Hint.css Plugin/Github

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