Create a List-Based Table of Contents for the Long Document | HTML-Contents

Creates a table of contents in the DOM element optionally linked with anchors.

HTML Content is a standalone JavaScript library that dynamically creates a semantic, eco-friendly table of contents and hierarchy of title elements within your long document.

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How to make use of it:

Create a container aspect to hold the table of content.

<div id="toc">

The library routinely generates anchor links from heading components, you’ll be able to customize the anchor names using the ID attribute.

<h2 id="custom-anchor">Heading</h2>

Initialize the HTML-contents library and we’re performed.

document.addEventListener("DOMContentLoaded", function(event) {

Specify the min/max levels of headings.

  // h2
  top: 2,

  // h3 
  bottom: 3

Enable/disable anchor links within the table of contents.

  addIds: true, 
  addLinks: true


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Customize the listing type. ‘u’ or ‘o’ – (u)nordered or (o)rdered checklist kind.

  listType: 'u'


Ignore specific heading elements.

<h3 class="ignore">Heading</h3>
  filter: '.ignore'


Generate List Table Of Contents, HTML-Contents Plugin/Github

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