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HTML5 Drag and Drop Implementation Made for Vue

vue-draggable library is a native HTML5 drag and drops implementation made for VueJS 2+.

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Multiple callbacks available for useonDragstartonDroponDragend.

  • onDragend is always triggered even if item is dropped in invalid dropzone.

  • onDrop is triggered only when items are dropped in valid dropzones.

  • onDragstart is always called when D&D starts.

How to make use of it:

Install & Download:

# Yarn
$ yarn add vue-draggable

$ npm install vue-draggable --save


<div v-drag-and-drop:options="options">
    <li>Item 1</li>
    <li>Item 2</li>
    <li>Item 3</li>
      <li>Item 4</li>
      <li>Item 5</li>
      <li>Item 6</li>
import Vue from 'vue'
import VueDraggable from 'vue-draggable'

import { VueDraggableDirective } from 'vue-draggable'

export default {
  directives: {
    dragAndDrop: VueDraggableDirective

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See Demo And Download

Official Website(Vivify-Ideas): Click Here

This superior jQuery/javascript plugin is developed by Vivify-Ideas. For extra advanced usage, please go to the official website.

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