A Multi-Select Component In Pure JS | Iconic Multiselect

Iconic Multiselect is a multi-selection component written in pure JavaScript – also compatible with IE11. Easy-to-use, easy-to-configure, multi-browser selection components based on Vanilla JavaScript. Works with native HTML checkbox.

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How to make use of it:

1. Insert the Iconic Multiselect’s JavaScript into the doc.

<!-- With IE 11 Polyfills -->
<script src="multi-select-ie11-polyfills.min.js"></script>
<!-- Without IE 11 Polyfills -->
<script src="multi-select.min.js"></script>

2. Create a brand new occasion of the Iconic Multiselect.

<select id="example">
  <option>Option 1</option>
  <option>Option 2</option>
  <option>Option 3</option>
var multiSelect = new IconicMultiSelect({
    select: "#example",

3. Initialize the Iconic Multiselect and executed.


4. You may also outline the choices in an array of objects as follows:

var multiSelect = new IconicMultiSelect({
    data: [ 
      { id: 1, item: 'Option 1'}, 
      { id: 2, item: 'Option 2'}, 
      { id: 3, item: 'Option 3'}
    textField: 'item',
    valueField: 'id',

5. Available configurations.

var multiSelect = new IconicMultiSelect({
    // placeholder text
    placeholder: "Select... ",
    // message to show if no data
    noData: "No data found. ",
    // message to show if no results
    noResults: "No results found.",

6. Listen to the choice modifications.

multiSelect.subscribe(function(e) {

7. Determine whether or not to inject CSS within the <head> tag.

var multiSelect = new IconicMultiSelect({
    customCss: true,

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See Demo And Download

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