Fancy Scroll and Canvas-based Image Sequence Animation

Canvas Scroll Clip is a small, independent JavaScript library for the animation of scrolling image sequences in the canvas. There are no third-party dependencies.

How to make use of it:

1. Install and import the Canvas Scroll Clip.

# Yarn
$ yarn add canvas-scroll-clip

$ npm i canvas-scroll-clip --save
import CanvasScrollClip from “canvas-scroll-clip”;

2. Initialize the CanvasScrollClip on the goal container component, and specify the path to the primary picture.

new CanvasScrollClip(document.querySelector('.example'), {
    framePath: "",
    frameCount: 140,
    scrollArea: 2000

3. Event handlers.'viewport.scroll', function(scrollTop){
});'viewport.resize', function(){
  // on resize
});'images.loaded', function() {
  // on image loaded

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The options object is required and takes these parameters:

framePath (required)

Type: String URL of the first image of a sequence.

Important note: Sequence should start with leading 0, minimum 2 digits, and at the end of the name. for example: https://<URL>/frame_0001.jpg.

frameCount (required)

Type: Number A number of in total in a sequence.

scrollArea (recommended)

Type: Number
Default: 2x the IMAGE height

Scrollable area height that is used to play the image sequence.


Type: String Used for container and child element css classes.



Callback params: scrollTop
Type: Number

The event is triggered with a scroll event. Returns scrollTop position.

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This superior jQuery/javascript plugin is developed by m5kr1pka. For extra Advanced Usage, please go to the official website.