A Simple Plugin To Display Your Latest Instagram Photos With Vanilla JS

Minigram is a simple plugin to display your latest Instagram photos using vanilla JS. You are free to design the menu using your own CSS.

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How to make use of it:

Put the JavaScript Minigram.js file in the document.

<script src="dist/minigram.js"></script>

Create a container to put your latest Instagram photos.

<div class="demo">

Create a new Minigram instance and insert your API access token into JavaScript:

new Minigram('.demo', {
    token: 'YOUR API KEY HERE'

Set the maximum number of photos you want to display.

new Minigram('.demo', {
    token: 'YOUR API KEY HERE',
    counter: 12

Adjust the image quality.

new Minigram('.demo', {
    token: 'YOUR API KEY HERE',
    counter: 12,
    resolution: 'low'

Customize the template.

new Minigram('.demo', {
    token: 'YOUR API KEY HERE',
    counter: 12,
    resolution: 'low',
    html: '<div class="col-lg-3"><a class="instagram-placeholder" href="{url}" target="_blank"><img src="{image}" alt="{caption}" class="img-thumbnail img-responsive"></a></div>'


  • target – Either the ID name, CLASS name, or the DOM element itself which you want to add the images to.
  • counter – A maximum number of images to display. The default is 10. Max of 20
  • resolution – Size of the images to get. Available options are:
    • thumb (default) – 150×150
    • low – 306×306
    • standard – 612×612
  • token – A valid OAuth token.
  • html – Custom HTML template to use for images.
  • before (function) – A callback function is called before fetching images from Instagram.
  • after (function) – A callback function called when Instagram returns valid data.
  • error (function) – A callback function called if the API Instagram return error (argument -> json object).
  • success (function) – A callback function called when images have been added to the page.

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