Javascript Library for Scribbling On An SVG Element Plugin

Scribby is a JavaScript library that allows users to draw simple “scribbles” on a web page. To create a drawing application, developers can also draw seamless vector-based graphics in XML format using SVG.

Components Elements

The main functionality is in scribby.js, which deals with withdrawing on the Dom SVG element. Notey.js which presents a simple sticky note-like object on a webpage is also included as an example application using scribby.js. The utility functions are found in draggy.js and resty.js (but these are only required for the Notes app).


  • SVG-based smooth/natural graphic
  • Simple/intuitive interface (nonexistent)
  • json representation
  • Convenience-based (experimental) local storage and persistence
  • Lightweight, no dependencies

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How to make use of it:

1. Download and insert scribby.js JavaScript into the document.

<script src="./lib/scribby.js"></script>

2. Create an SVG element for the drawing application.

<svg id="svgElement" style="background-color: #EFF;" xmlns="" xmlns:xlink="" version="1.1" width="600" height="400" />

3. Configure the library on an SVG element to create a basic drawing application.

var board = new Scribby(document.getElementById("svgElement"));

4. It also provides a Notey method that allows you to create a Sticky Note with an SVG drawing functionality on the page.

<script src="./lib/draggy.js"></script>
<script src="./lib/notey.js"></script>
<script src="./lib/resty.js"></script>
var stickyNote = new Notey();

5. Undo/Reset/Reset the drawing application.


6. Set the properties of the SVG stroke border:


7. Export the SVG file as JSON data.

var data = board.toJson();

8. Create a new drawing app from the JSON data you provide.

var board2 = new Scribby(svgEl2, data);

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Future development

Possible features and improvements…. though these may go against the objective of simplified usage!

  • multi-touch & pressure support
  • better configuration via constructor
  • generalize (or plugin?) rest support
  • scaling / re-sizing
  • sharing (live), see also:
  • multi-user (as “layers”)

SVG Based Drawing Board, scribby Plugin/Github

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