jQuery Nested Sortable Draggable With Vanilla JavaScript Library

Nested Sort is a JavaScript library that helps you sort a nested list of items by dragging and dropping. Unfortunately, it does not support touch screens yet.

In the nested list below, try dragging an element (the border of the dragged element will become red) and drop it onto another element (the border of the target element will become green). Once done, the dropped item will appear before the target item and the new structure of the list will be presented to you in the results section.

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How to make use of it

1. To install the library using NPM:

npm install nested-sort --save

2. Then include it in your code:

import NestedSort from 'nested-sort'

3. You can include the UMD library version of:

<script src="https://cdn.jsdelivr.net/npm/[email protected]/dist/nested-sort.umd.min.js"></script>

4. Create nested lists like this:

<ul id="draggable">
  <li data-id="1">Topic 1</li>
  <li data-id="2">Topic 2</li>
  <li data-id="3">Topic 3
    <ul data-id="3">
      <li data-id="31">Topic 3-1</li>
      <li data-id="32">Topic 3-2</li>
      <li data-id="33">Topic 3-3</li>
  <li data-id="4">Topic 4</li>
  <li data-id="5">Topic 5</li>
  <li data-id="6">Topic 6</li>
  <li data-id="7">Topic 7</li>
  <li data-id="8">Topic 8</li>

5. Customizable sortable checklist.


.nested-sort li 

.nested-sort .ns-dragged {
  /* when draggaed */

.nested-sort .ns-targeted 
  /* destination checklist item */

.nested-sort .ns-placeholder {
  /* when dragging */

6. JS array as follows:

const data = [
      { item_id: 1, item_title: 'One' },
      { item_id: 11, item_title: 'One-One', item_parent: 1 },
      { item_id: 2, item_title: 'Two' },
      { item_id: 3, item_title: 'Three' },
      { item_id: 1121, item_title: 'One-One-Two-One', item_parent: 112 },
      { item_id: 1122, item_title: 'One-One-Two-Two', item_parent: 112 },
      { item_id: 1123, item_title: 'One-One-Two-Three', item_parent: 112 },
      { item_id: 12, item_title: 'One-Two', item_parent: 1 },
      { item_id: 111, item_title: 'One-One-One', item_parent: 11 },
      { item_id: 112, item_title: 'One-One-Two', item_parent: 11 },
      { item_id: 113, item_title: 'One-One-Three', item_parent: 11 },
new nestedSort({
    data: data,
      id: 'item_id',
      parent: 'item_parent',
      text: 'item_title',
    el: '#draggable'

Data mapping

The following table maps the different properties of each data element:

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idThis is the unique identifier of the itemYes
textThis appears as the list item textYes
parentThis is the id of the parent itemNo


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NameTypeRoleDefault value
actionsobjectA list of functions to be invoked at certain points{}
dataarrayAn array of objects to render a data-driven list
elstring / DOM elementTargets the list element or the wrapper for it and can be one of the following: CSS selector of a data-driven list wrapper element e.g. #list-wrapperCSS selector of a server-rendered list e.g. #list or .listDOM element of a server-rendered list (suitable for multiple server-rendered instances on the same page) – more info
initbooleanDetermines if the drag-and-drop functionality should be enabled after rendering the list. If set to false you’ll need to invoke the init() method to enable the drag and droptrue
listClassNamesstring/arrayA white-space separated string or array of class names to be added to the list of elementsnested-sort
listItemClassNamesstring/arrayA white-space separated string or array of class names to be added to the list of item elements
propertyMapobjectMaps the sorted list of item properties{}
nestingLevelsnumberDetermines the maximum depth of nesting. Any negative value means infinite levels of nesting.-1
renderListItemfunctionThis is a hook to control how data-driven list items render. It receives 2 arguments:el: the default list item element created by the libraryitem: the representative data item




Configures (enables) the drag-and-drop functionality by adding all necessary event listeners and list item attributes. This is required when a list is presented with the init option set to false.


To disable the drag-and-drop functionality by removing all event listeners and setting the

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See Demo And Download


Official Website(gilgaz): Click Here

This superior jQuery/javascript plugin is developed by gilgaz. For extra Advanced usage, please go to the official website.

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