Easy-to-Use Element Print Plugin for jQuery

jQuery.print is a plugin for printing certain parts of a page. Print is an easy and simple jQuery plugin that allows the visitor to print only the selected region of your web page.

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How to make use of it:

1. Specify a distinctive ID to your HTML aspect and the place you wish to make it printable.

<div id="printable">
  Your Content

2. Create a button to print the required HTML aspect.

<button class="print">
  Print this

3. Import the newest jQuery library and jQuery print plugin.

<script src="/path/to/cdn/jquery.min.js"></script>
<script src="/path/to/jQuery.print.js"></script> 

. Call the plugin on the print button and accomplished.

$(function() {
  $("#printable").find('.print').on('click', function() {

5. Available plugin settings.


  // Use Global styles
  globalStyles : false, 

  // Add link with attrbute media=print
  mediaPrint : false, 

  //Custom stylesheet
  stylesheet : "https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?display=swap&family=Inconsolata", 

  //Print in a hidden iframe
  iframe : false, 

  // Don't print this
  noPrintSelector : ".avoid-this",

  // Add this on top
  append : "<br/>", 

  // Add this at bottom
  prepend : "<br/>",

  // Manually add form values
  manuallyCopyFormValues: true,

  // resolves after print and restructure the code for better maintainability
  deferred: $.Deferred(),

  // timeout
  timeout: 250,

  // Custom title
  title: null,

  // Custom document type
  doctype: '<!doctype html>'


Currently, this plugin supports the following options:


  • Default: true
  • Acceptable-Values: Boolean
  • Function: Whether or not the styles from the parent document should be included


  • Default: false
  • Acceptable-Values: Boolean
  • Function: Whether or not link tags with media=’print’ should be included; Over-ride by the globalStyles option


  • Default: null
  • Acceptable-Values: URL-string or Array of URL-strings
  • Function: URL of an external stylesheet to be included


  • Default: ".no-print"
  • Acceptable Values: Any valid jQuery-selector
  • Function: A selector for the items that are to be excluded from printing


  • Default: true, creates a hidden iframe if a no-valid iframe selector is passed
  • Acceptable Values: Any valid jQuery-selector or Boolean
  • Function: Whether to print from an iframe instead of a pop-up window; can take the jQuery-selector of an existing iframe as value


  • Default: null
  • Acceptable Values: Any valid jQuery-selector or HTML-text
  • Function: Adds custom HTML before (prepend) or after (append) the selected content


  • Default: true
  • Acceptable-Values: Boolean
  • Function: Should it copy user-updated form input values onto the printed markup (this is done by manually iterating over each form element)


  • Default: $.Deferred()
  • Acceptable Values: Any valid jQuery.Deferred object
  • Function: A jQuery.A deferred object is resolved once the print function is called. Can be used to set up callbacks.


  • Default: 750
  • Acceptable-Values: Time in Milliseconds for setTimeout
  • Function: To change the amount of max time to wait for the content, etc to load before printing the element from the new window/iframe created, as a fallback if the load event for the new window/iframe has not fired yet


  • Default: null, uses the host page title
  • Acceptable-Values: Any single-line string
  • Function: To change the printed title


  • Default: '<!doctype html>'
  • Acceptable-Values: Any valid doctype string
  • Function: To prepend a doctype to the printed document frame

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