Easy Simple Table Rows Sorting Plugin with jQuery

Simple table sort is a simple jQuery plugin, which adds the ability to sort the rows of your tables by your own rules.

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How to make use of it:

1. Load the jQuery Simple Table Sort plugin after the jQuery library.

<script src="//ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/1.11.2/jquery.min.js"></script>
<script src="jquery.simpleTableSort.js"></script>

2. Create a sortable table following the HTML structure as follows:

<table id="bigTable">
      <th class="sort-alphabetical">Name</th>
      <th class="sort-numeric">Postal</th>
      <th class="sort-alphabetical">City</th>
      <th class="sort-alphabetical">Country</th>
      <th class="sort-date">Birth date</th>
      <th class="sort-numeric">Reg. nr.</th>
    <!-- lots of data -->

3. Call the plugin on the big table to enable the table sort function.

* Changes the prefix of the used css classes in the plugin.
* These classes will be appended to the head columns to determine which state they were.
* If the prefix 'sort' is already used in your project you can change it here
prefix: 'sort',

* The sort order in which your table entries will be sorted first.
* Possible entries:
*  - asc: Ascending order (a-z, 0-9, ...)
*  - desc: Descending order (z-a, 9-0, ...)
order: 'asc',

* If the table is dynamic, meaning the table gets updated by AJAX or something else, this setting should be set to true.
* Otherwise the initial table data is restored.
* This is for performance reason: If it's a static table the rows don't have to be reprocessed every sort change.
dynamic: false,

* With this option set to 'true' the state classes of the columns (e.g. 'sort-asc' and 'sort-desc') won't be removed when a different column is sorted.
* However, the last sort state is never 'forgotten', it will always be the opposite of the last sorted (or the default)
multiSortStates: false,

* Adds the possibility to sort the table entries when the table is created.
* Accepts index values of table head column (zero-based).
autoSort: null,

* You can add your own sort methods here.
* Example: Change "dd-mm-yyy" formatted date to JavaScript compatible "mm-dd-yyyy":
* sortMethods: {
*   myDate: function(a, b) {
*a = a.split('.');
*a = a[1]+'.'+a[0]+'.'+a[2];
*b = b.split('.');
*b = b[1]+'.'+b[0]+'.'+b[2];
*return new Date(a) > new Date(b) ? 1 : -1;
*   }
* }
sortMethods: {
 numeric: function(a, b) {
   return (parseInt(a) - parseInt(b));
 float: function(a, b) {
   return (parseFloat(a) - parseFloat(b));
 alphabetical: function(a, b) {
   return (a.toLowerCase() > b.toLowerCase()) ? 1 : -1;
 date: function(a, b) {
   a = new Date(a);
   b = new Date(b);

   if (priv.helper.isDate(a) && priv.helper.isDate(b)) {
return (a > b) ? 1 : -1;
   return 0;

* If you have no control over the table structure and it lacks of a table head, then set this value to true
* and the first row of your table will be treatened as table head column
fixTableHead: false,

* Table head columns can be excluded from to be sorted by adding the index.
* Example which excludes the second row (zero-based):
* excludeSortColumns: [ 1 ]
excludeSortColumns: [],

* Callbacks
onBeforeSort: function () {},
onAfterSort: function () {}

4. Basic CSS Styles for Table Sort Plugin.

th.sort-disabled {
  background-image: none;

th.sort-alphabetical.sort-asc {
  background-image: url('assets/sort-alphabet.png')

th.sort-alphabetical.sort-desc {
  background-image: url('assets/sort-alphabet-descending.png')

th.sort-numeric.sort-asc {
  background-image: url('assets/sort-number.png')

th.sort-numeric.sort-desc {
  background-image: url('assets/sort-number-descending.png')

th.sort-date.sort-asc {
  background-image: url('assets/sort-date.png')

th.sort-date.sort-desc {
  background-image: url('assets/sort-date-descending.png')

th.sort-customMail.sort-asc {
  background-image: url('assets/sort-rating.png')

th.sort-customMail.sort-desc {
  background-image: url('assets/sort-rating-descending.png')

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This superior jQuery/javascript plugin is developed by dan-lee. For extra Advanced Usage, please go to the official website.