Responsive Video, Iframe, Photo Gallery & Inline Content Lightbox Library | Tobii

Tobii is a feature-rich, responsive, accessible, mobile-friendly lightbox library that makes it attainable to show any HTML5/Youtube video, iframe content material, inline HTML, and even a picture gallery in a modal popup.

Browser support

Tobii supports the following browser (all the latest versions):

  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Internet Explorer 11
  • Edge
  • Safari


  • No dependencies
  • Supports multiple content types:
    • Images
    • Inline HTML
    • Iframes
    • Videos (YouTube, Vimeo)
  • Grouping
  • Events
  • Customizable with settings and CSS
  • Accessible:
    • ARIA roles
    • Keyboard navigation:
      • PrevNext Keys: Navigate through slides
      • ESCAPE Key: Close Tobii
      • TAB Key: Focus on elements within Tobii, not outside
    • User preference media features:
      • prefers-reduced-motion media query
    • When Tobii opens, focus is set to the first focusable element in Tobii
    • When Tobii closes, the focus returns to what was in focus before Tobii opened
  • Touch & Mouse drag support:
    • Drag/ Swipe horizontally to navigate through slides
    • Drag/ Swipe vertically to close Tobii
  • Responsive

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How to make use of it:


npm install @midzer/tobii --save

You can install Tobii by linking .css and .css files. js to your HTML file. The HTML code might look like this:

<!DOCTYPE html>
  <meta charset="UTF-8">
  <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1">
  <title>Your page title</title>

  <!-- CSS -->
  <link href="tobii.min.css" rel="stylesheet">
  <!-- Your HTML content -->

  <!-- JS -->
  <script src="tobii.min.js"></script>

Initialize the script by running:

const tobii = new Tobii()

media types

The standard way to use Tobii is to link a thumbnail image with the lightbox class name to a larger image:

<a href="path/to/image.jpg" class="lightbox">
  <img src="path/to/thumbnail.jpg" alt="I am a caption">

HTML inline

For embedded HTML, create an element with a unique ID:

<div id="selector">
  <!-- Your HTML content -->


For an iframe, create a link using the lightbox for the class name:

<a href="" data-type="iframe" class="lightbox">
  Open Wikipedia


For a YouTube video, create a link using the lightbox for the category name and the data-id attribute with the ID of the YouTube video:

<a href="#" data-type="youtube" data-id="KU2sSZ_90PY" class="lightbox">
  Open YouTube video


If you have a collection of related types that you would like to combine into a collection, add the dataset attribute:

<a href="path/to/image_1.jpg" class="lightbox" data-group="vacation">
  <img src="path/to/thumbnail_1.jpg" alt="I am a caption">

<a href="path/to/image_2.jpg" class="lightbox" data-group="vacation">
  <img src="path/to/thumbnail_2.jpg" alt="I am a caption">

// ...

<a href="path/to/image_4.jpg" class="lightbox" data-group="birthday">
  <img src="path/to/thumbnail_4.jpg" alt="I am a caption">

// ...


The following options are available:

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selectorstring“.lightbox”All elements with this class trigger Tobii.
captionsbooltrueDisplay captions, if available.
captionsSelector“self”, “img”“img”Set the element where the caption is. Set it to “self” for the a tag itself.
captionAttributestring“alt”Get the caption from the given attribute.
captionTextfunctionnullCustom callback which returns the caption text for the current element. The first argument of the callback is the element. If set, captionsSelector and captionAttribute are ignored.
captionHTMLboolfalseAllow HTML captions.
navbool, “auto”“auto”Display navigation buttons. “auto” hide buttons on touch-enabled devices.
navTextstring[“inline svg”, “inline svg”]Text or HTML for the navigation buttons.
navLabelstring[“Previous”, “Next”]ARIA label for screen readers.
closebooltrueDisplay the close button.
closeTextstring“inline svg”Text or HTML for the close button.
closeLabelstring“Close”ARIA label for screen readers.
loadingIndicatorLabelstring“Image loading”ARIA label for screen readers.
counterbooltrueDisplay the current image index.
keyboardbooltrueAllow keyboard navigation.
zoombooltrueDisplay zoom icon.
zoomTextstring“inline svg”Text or HTML for the zoom icon.
docClosebooltrueClick outside to close Tobii.
swipeClosebooltrueSwipe up to close Tobii.
draggablebooltrueUse dragging and touch swiping.
thresholdnumber100Touch and mouse dragging threshold (in px).
autoplayVideoboolfalseVideos will automatically start playing as soon as they can do so without stopping to finish loading the data.
autoplayAudioboolfalseAudio will automatically start playing.

Data attributes

The following options are available:

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data-typeSets media type. Possible values: html,iframe,youtube.
data-idRequired for youtube media type.
data-targetCan be used to set targets for “iframe” and “html” types.
data-groupSet custom group
data-widthSet container width for the iframe or youtube types.
data-heightSet container height for the iframe or youtube types.
data-controlsIndicates whether the video player controls are displayed: 0 do not display and 1 display controls in the player.
data-allowAllows to set allow attribute on iframes.
data-srcsetAllows to have Responsive image or retina images
data-zoomAllows to enable or disable zoom icon. Values: “true” or “false”


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open(index)Open Tobii. Optional index (Integer), zero-based index of the slide to open.
select(index)Select a slide with index (Integer), zero-based index of the slide to select.
previous()Select the previous slide.
next()Select the next slide.
selectGroup(value)Select a group with value (string), name of the group to select.
close()Close Tobii.
add(element)Add element (DOM element).
remove(element)Remove element (DOM element).
isOpen()Check if Tobii is open.
slidesIndex()Return the current slide index.
slidesCount()Return the current number of slides.
currentGroup()Return the current group name.
reset()Reset Tobii.
destroy()Destroy Tobii.


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openTriggered after Tobii has been opened.
closeTriggered after Tobii has been closed.
previousTriggered after the previous slide is selected.
nextTriggered after the next slide is selected.

See Demo And Download


Official Website(rqrauhvmra): Click Here

This superior jQuery/javascript plugin is developed by rqrauhvmra. For extra Advanced Usages, please go to the official website.

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