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jLottie is a Lotte player written in JavaScript with the goal of getting the smallest file size possible. jLottie is suitable as a general-purpose lottie player, although a subset of features is implemented in the core player – this approach results in a small footprint and great performance.

At only 9KB on gzip zip, jLottie is ideal as a lightweight add-on for any web application where not all Lottie features are necessary – common use cases include emojis and small animations. A list of all the playback features that jLottie supports is here, and a test page is available here.

jLottie’s performance is achieved by compiling the Lottie source into a scene graph, which is then used to play the animation. This eliminates any need to perform real-time calculations during operation. jLottie is convenient to use when there are many animations running on a single page.

  • Best Use of jLottie Launcher for Gifs and Small Animations
  • jLottie player size is much smaller (less than 15KB, compressed) compared to other Lottie players
  • jLottie player is convenient to use if there are many animations playing on one page
  • High-performance jLottie player

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Supported Features

  • Shapes (except ellipse, polyester, repeater, and trim paths)
  • Fills (except radial-gradient)
  • Strokes (without opacity and dashes)
  • Transforms
  • Interpolation (except roving across time)
  • Masks (limited to path, opacity, and subtract)
  • Layer effects (limited to only fills)

Features not supported

  • Matts
  • Merge paths
  • Text
  • Expressions
  • Images
  • Precomps
  • Time Stretch
  • Time remap
  • Markers

How to make use of it:

1. Install and download jLottie with NPM.

$ npm i @lottiefiles/jLottie --save

2. Import jLottie.

// As ES Module
import * as jLottie from '@lottiefiles/jLottie';

// Browser
<script src="/dist/jlottie.min.js"></script>

3. Add <lottie-player> to the page.

<lottie-player id="example">

4. Create a new Lottie player instance and specify the path to the Lottie JSON file.

  container: document.getElementById('example'),
  path: 'https://assets9.lottiefiles.com/packages/lf20_PBgNop.json',

5. Configure Lottie Player.

  container: document.getElementById('example'),
  path: 'https://assets9.lottiefiles.com/packages/lf20_PBgNop.json',
  autoplay: true,
  loop: true,

6. API methods.

// play the animation

// pause the animation

// stop the animation

// destroy the instance

// go to a specific frame
jlottie.goToAndStop(frame, elementId);

All figures other than memory are in milliseconds.

ScriptingRenderingPaintingSystemIdleMemory (MB)




Takes in an object with the format as follows as a parameter.


Type: Object, refers to the created animation with the following properties.


Pause animation. Takes in the Dom element Id as a parameter.

Alternative : thisAnimation.pause()


Type: Null


Play animation. Takes in the Dom element Id as a parameter.

Alternative : thisAnimation.play()


Type: Null


Stop animation. Takes in the Dom element Id as a parameter.

Alternative : thisAnimation.stop()


Type: Null


Destroy animation. Takes in the Dom element Id as a parameter.

Alternative : thisAnimation.destroy()


Type: Null

jlottie.goToAndStop(frame, elementId)

Go to the specified frame and stop. Takes in a frame number and Dom element Id as a parameter.

Alternative : thisAnimation.goToAndStop(frame)


Type: Null

Events dispatched


Fires at the end of each loop.


Fires when the pointer enters the bounding box of the animation.


Fires right after all DOM content is loaded.


Fires if an error is encountered whilst loading the animation.

See Demo And Download


Official Website(LottieFiles): Click Here

This superior jQuery/javascript plugin is developed by LottieFiles. For extra Advanced Usage, please go to the official website.

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