[FAB] Angular Material Floating Action Speed Dial Button

FAB Material Quick Dial is a customizable FAB (floating action button) material component for Angular materials.

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How to make use of it:


yarn add @ecodev/fab-speed-dial

In app.module.ts add the following modules to the imports array:

    <button mat-fab (click)="doAction('trigger')"><mat-icon>menu</mat-icon></button>

    <button mat-mini-fab (click)="doAction('action1')"><mat-icon>add</mat-icon></button>
    <button mat-mini-fab (click)="doAction('action2')"><mat-icon>edit</mat-icon></button>
    <button mat-mini-fab (click)="doAction('action3')"><mat-icon>search</mat-icon></button>

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